40/40 centre

As the Regional Director of the Anglo Africa Region, I am responsible for overseeing our operations in 28 (English and Portuguese speaking) nations of Africa. These responsibilities include "connecting international and local resources with Africa needs." These resources are predominantly from Christian foundations, churches and individuals who wish to invest in the empowerment of Africa nations. Our Regional Office is situated in Centurion, just outside of Pretoria, (the capital) South Africa. Hence, for our operations and activities, we are strategically situated.

Allow me to share with you what God has "birthed" in our hearts (some years ago already). As the Regional Office team, we believe this is a divine revelation and part of God's overall plan for South Africa, flowing into the nations we are currently involved in, and ultimately affecting the continent of Africa. EHC has a 'passion' to make a difference! Africa is seen worldwide as the 'dark' continent, but we believe God wants it to be known as the continent of light, and to be set ablaze with the love of Jesus Christ!


Our Vision: 40/40 Vision Centre (Camp Site)
It is the love for our fellow human beings, which is drawing our Regional team into new developments and activities. As a ministry, we are concerned with the people of South Africa (and Africa). Their relationship with Father God is our main focus (eternity) and then their well being and happiness (current upliftment of their life-styles and standard of living).

Part of our vision is to establish a Vision Centre (Christian Ministry Camp), focusing primarily on, and the core function being, to equip and train Christian Leaders from all over Africa. Encouraged, empowered, trained and equipped with our effective ministry tools, these pastors and leaders are then able to share with their own people and others this training instilled in them during time spent with our experienced, skilled ministry team and workers at the Vision Centre.

Evangelism Training
Working as an evangelism ministry in 28 nations of Africa, we have a well-designed evangelism program as we do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every village/home/hut in a systematic, and monitored way.

Our evangelism strategy is yielding an unprecedented harvest of souls in our Region. The harvest is ripe, and the church is emerging to extend it's giving! These nations are rich in natural resources but have been abused by civil strife and devastating economies which has prevented growth in these people on a major scale for many years. The goal of our Vision Centre is to equip, teach and then to send these Christian leaders and workers back to their own people and nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to then show these precious souls God's love in a tangible way.


To show God's love we are offering life-skills training:
Not only would the Vision Centre concentrate on evangelism training, but also facilities will be constructed (training workshops) providing skills training which we have personally seen is becoming more and more necessary in Africa. These skills would include building (their own homes), agriculture, wood and metal work, mechanics, and for the woman we would have training in home economics i.e. sewing, baking, and basic first-aid.

Trading and Business Management will also play a vital part of the training to enable these now skilled people to return home and be in a position to open their own businesses, which is a source of job creation in their own nation. This ultimately makes on impact for God and His Kingdom.

Vision Centre Environment:
All this needs to be done in an environment that will be attractive to foreign visitors. It will be a market place with a standard of excellence! We believe that visitors who are keen to enjoy an "African" experience and wish to spend time with us at our Vision Centre (this can lead into a short-term mission trip if they so wish) will return home 'changed' and will want to invest in this aspect of our ministry so that other centres of this kind can also be built in other nations of Africa, and not only in South Africa!

The Vision Centre will also address crucial needs in the Body of Christ in South Africa and will be available for use by all Bible-based Churches and Christian Organizations for their conferences, leadership programs, youth camps amongst others.

We believe our Vision Centre will be a place of 'refreshing' and even for people to come to for a time of 'retreat' and' healing' should they need to. The environment will most definitely lean towards this.

Accommodation Facilities:
  • Chalets for international and local visitors will be available (self-catering and also a restaurant for meals which we can provide on request)
  • Dormitories for leaders and pastors who come for evangelism and skills training.
  • Accommodation for youth groups i.e. dormitories, with games room and recreational facilities.

Other Facilities:
  • A fully equipped conference venue/auditorium will be available (for international and local use).
  • Our EHC Regional Offices coordinating all our operations and activities will be situated at the Vision Centre.
We would ask that you prayerfully read through what we have (very briefly) shared with you. We want to give you the opportunity to invest in what God wants to do through our ministry and for you to partnership with us. We have available a concept plan (our architects impression) - please contact our office if you would like a copy.

Total Project Cost = US $850 000.00
  • Purchase of Land
  • Architectural drawings
  • Land excavation
  • Landscape architecture
  • Road services and infrastructure
  • Main training and administration facilities
  • Self-catering chalets and dormitories
  • Small factory units (workshops) for skills training
  • Adequate housing for staff
  • Project/Camp vehicle
  • 21 seater mini-bus
Local materials and labour will be involved in the building/construction process and this also serves as local job creation, involving African people in this phase of the project as well. The all-round 'look and feel' will be an "African" design i.e. thatched roofing and wood etc.

We have written this whole 'case for support' prayerfully, and believe the above criteria are tailor-made for the vision and goal of the 40/40 Vision Centre.

If the Lord leads you to become involved with this, we can supply you with more information about the outcome and training process.


Your contribution will enable us to continue with our 40/40 Vision Centre, to plan and bring this vision into 'fruition' thereby being Christ's extended 'hand of hope' to the millions of people in Africa! Our financial needs are immense to complete the task at hand, but we firmly believe that our destiny is to pour into others all God gives us! And we are focusing on what He can do through us (the world-wide Body of Christ) and not on what we can't do by ourselves! As John Wesley so aptly said, "Work as hard as you can, to make all the money you can, and spend as little as you can, in order to give away all that you can."

Our prayer is that God will grant us favor with you!

Regional Director
EHC : Anglo Africa

Why the "40 : 40" Vision Centre?

40/40 Vision

At the Cross of Calvary, mankind was awestruck by the revelation of God's mighty 'Vision'.

Both literally and figuratively, man has at best, 20:20 vision, but God's incredible 'super vision', His "40:40 Vision" is way beyond our wildest imaginings. Only the anointing of the Holy Spirit enables us to stand back in awe and survey the bigger picture . as God sees it, with "40:40 Vision".

God is revealing His "Super Vision" for Africa - His 40:40 Vision. From latitudes, 40 degrees north of the equator, to 40 degrees south, God's 40:40 window - He is unfolding His 40:40 Vision!

May we all, with the Apostle Paul, be able to say,

"We fix our eyes not on what is seen (20:20), but on what is unseen, (40:40) for what is seen is temporal (or subject to change), but what is unseen is eternal". (2 Corinthians 4:18)