Witnessing in the power and love of God and in terms of the REAL needs of our day is what is needed to turn this continent to Jesus. It will take nothing less than this.

EHC's motivation:
  • People in Africa die faster than they can get saved
  • Water borne disease is the number one killer
  • Death by starvation takes the second largest toll followed by Malaria and other tropical diseases
  • HIV/Aids is increasing its toll at an alarming rate
In presenting the claims of His Kingdom, Jesus demonstrated His compassion and love by ministering to the sick, the demon possessed, the poor and the oppressed.
Attending to human needs should be an integral part of the Gospel if we faithfully follow Jesus' example! The effect on the outside world of being witness to an improved quality of lifestyle in spite of great adversity will have far reaching results.
Please see our Report on a recent relief aid trip to Malawi - April 2002. This can be found under 'Press Room'

Matthew 25:35-36

According to the above scripture, real believers and followers of the Lord will fulfil a five-fold task. We will minister to other believers who are:

In taking the Gospel from home to home all over the world, we already help to fulfil this 5-fold ministry in a spiritual sense. We can now do it physically as well, without deviating from our primary EHC focus.

God wants to influence and change the lives of people radically and totally! Those who have come to know Christ and received Living Water, the Bread of Life, clothes of righteousness and spiritual release from bondage, also qualify to experience these benefits on a physical plane.

Believers in Africa have a difficult time. The history of this continent is written in blood, tears, hunger and persecution. It is time that we tell them about the benefits of the Kingdom too - about blessings like:
  • Safe, clean drinking water
  • How they can produce enough food
  • How to prevent disease and about physical and spiritual health
  • Social and economic upliftment through literacy training and skills development
Please read (also on our web site) all about our 40:40 VISION CENTRE which will include facilities (training workshops) where skills development/training will be a core part of the EHC focus/vision

As we minister using all the resources available to us, we can involve other ministries/organizations that specialize in these areas to follow through on what we started.

We can even facilitate and help as agents of governments and foundations that have the resources but don't have trustworthy and effective implementers.


Below please find a copy of a recent communication sent from our Regional Office with an earnest plea.

Many people around the world have taken note of the starvation cries in Southern Africa! The Lord has led us, as a Regional Team, to address this issue in a very "aggressive and bold" way. Please read this communication prayerfully and carefully and if you know of any government agencies and human aid organizations in your country, state, province, or city who we could communicate with in this regard, please don't hesitate to contact us directly and give us as much detail as possible. It is time to stand up and come to the fore with help that is already available and to channel that to the people in need.

Please help us! Keep on praying with us for these efforts - we are more than conquerors - and starvation in Southern Africa is one of the strongholds that will be pulled down!

June 2002
Dear Sir

Daily people are dying of starvation in Africa!

The tragedy is, there are enough countries that want to help and can help. They have the money and other resources, but these can't be released.

  • Because they are not satisfied with the way some of these countries where people are now dying, are being ruled. The IMF says the governments have 'bungled'!
  • So they cannot release the money for aid, because they cannot trust politicians to handle the money and food.
We understand this and we hear you. These are the sad truths in many places.

But hungry, crying babies in Malawi do not hear you. They cannot understand. Babies are always the first to die, then the old people and the bigger children. Lastly the fathers and mothers follow them to the graves. In Africa there is a saying that when the graves get shallower, it's because the people no longer have the strength to dig them deep.

Politicians, who get the blame for the terrible hunger, don't feel it one bit. In no part of Africa have we, or any of our workers ever seen a hungry politician or government official. So why turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to babies who night and day are crying out for food, by saying the governments concerned have to carry the blame? In the north of Malawi we saw people eating sawdust and the roots of banana trees to survive. But they don't survive, and neither will those uprooted banana trees ever bear fruit again. Bananas are a staple food in hunger regions. So who will get the blame next year?

No government can reform fast enough to meet the western standards of righteousness in time to save the already starved people from dying Is there no way then of helping those who feel the hurt? Thank God there is! Help can be channelled through approved human aid organizations, ministries and Churches. EVERY HOME FOR CHRIST is one such ministry.


During the past 57 years EHC has worked, or is working, in some 190 countries worldwide. Our main aim is to train and equip Bible believing churches to take the Gospel to EVERY home, everywhere, in a systematic and monitored way. We have the infra structure and experience already in place for distribution of food to the hungry! We don't skip homes where Muslims or atheists live when we spread the Gospel. We will not skip homes when we have to deliver food either.

We don't take credit for our ministry when we deliver the Bread of Life. We will not take credit for ourselves when we deliver milk powder, meal or other food either - we are prepared to give you the credit. We cannot help everywhere, but we can help where we have the necessary infra structure in place for home-to-home visitation. Northern Malawi and parts of Zimbabwe are such areas.

At present the believers are so weak as a result of hunger, that they cannot cover great distances on foot or by bicycle. But as we feed them, they will soon be able to feed others. Please give Every Home for Christ some of your resources. Give us a little, to give to those who are otherwise about to die. Monitor what we do, and then release more help as you see how well we will use every pound and dollar we get!

This is our plea while time is running out. Please hurry!

Contact: Hennie Hanekom (Regional Director) EHC (Anglo Africa Region) from where help for Malawi and Zimbabwe is being coordinated.