EHC Anglo Africa needs God's provision to do God's work in God's way in 28 Africa countries this year of 2002, and beyond.

Money is a key resource needed to complete God's Great Commission of taking the Gospel to everyone, everywhere. We already have most other key resources, but we still need finances to move faster and further till the last home is reached.

So, we take the liberty to invite you to invest in and through us into the Kingdom of God.

How can you know that we will spend your money in a way that will result in eternal benefits for the Kingdom of God?
  • We have a record of more than 50 years to prove it.
  • Whatever we do now and in the future is monitored. In fact, if you become a sponsor, we would appreciate it if you would also become a monitor and come and see what has been done with your investment after a year's time.
  • We build on firm foundations. Our unique contribution to the work of the Body is that we teach by example, train trainers to train others, do the work systematically and completely, and rely totally on God and strategic partners like yourself and your foundation to help finish the task.

We can offer you exciting, rewarding Gospel projects in every one of our 28 countries in Africa. For every project we have a project leader and measurable goals to be completed within set limits of time. We are open for inspection and correction.

Thank you in anticipation for your most earnest action. Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to make an investment in God's work through us.

Please state the country or countries and projects (equipping and adopting workers) that you want to invest in or would you like us to decide on a basis of where your investment is most needed?

Your contribution may be used for:
  • Effective proclamation of the Gospel through leadership training
  • Equipping and adopting leaders and workers for the task of systematic home-to-home evangelism and church planting
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