Below is more detailed information regarding involvement in our Region:
  1. We can train you and your group to work alongside us, or alternatively how to take ownership of the vision and independently be part of God's great task force completing the Great Commission.

  2. If you cannot go yourself, you and/or your group can help us to go, through your spiritual and physical involvement. The first includes effective prayer and spiritual warfare and the second involves financial support and supplying us with the tools we need.

    • Training and Equipping
      We train pastors, evangelists and other believers to be more effective in strategic evangelism. The smallest size groups we train at a time are between 10 and 20 individuals. The largest group of leaders we have ever trained at one time was 4,000.

      Apart from training, we also help to equip the trainees with the necessary tools they will need to effectively get the job done. These tools include anything from tracts, Gospel booklets, Heart of Man charts, training manuals, to even shoes, T shirts, and bicycles. One of the conditions trainees have to meet, is that they must be willing and able to report on their activities and position themselves in such a way that we can monitor their movement and activities in the areas they are working.

    • Financial Support
      The financial affairs of EHC are subjected to annual auditing by a reputable firm of auditors. Individuals, churches, businesses or foundations supporting us financially receive regular transparent reports on how their contribution has been used. They are also invited to join our teams in operational areas to see the fruit of their investments. For this, we have formed an 'Outreach-based Tourism' company.

      If you are not personally able to 'go' into the mission fields, your contribution enables us to send someone in your place, and in so going you can help EHC complete the task of reaching every person with the Gospel.
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    • Adopting a Focus Area or Nation
      This is the largest form of financial support. EHC identifies the needs in a country, and then establishes how much it will cost in terms of manpower, materials, training etc to reach a specific segment of, or an entire nation. A feasibility study is done and thereafter a project leader is appointed. Time limits are set and operational procedures and parameters are laid down. Prospective donors are then invited to do an independent investigation of their own to see if they are satisfied with the EHC approach. If they are, then they are invited to 'adopt' or help fund the project, or alternatively a specific part/area of that project.

      • Donors receive regular reports on progress.
      • They are welcome to monitor our activities and management of the project, and are invited to come with us to see for themselves what progress is being made.

      We thank the Lord and EHC International for funds made available to sustain the work in different countries. In spite of this, additional funds are needed to drive national initiatives enabling us to reach every home with the Gospel.

      God gave us the idea of challenging churches and individuals to "adopt" countries, focus areas, leaders, or even our evangelism tools, to speed along the effective proclamation of the Gospel. Our Region's "adoption" policy and a list of projects ready for adoption are available upon request.

    • Equipping Workers
      This is another 'ongoing project" that needs continuous funding. EHC does not charge trainees for tutoring or tools. All training is free as well as basic tools needed. In most cases, travel to and from our training venues is for the trainee's personal expense.

      EHC trains leaders of all well-known churches and denominations. At one specific training event we had leaders from up to 70 different denominations and churches.

    • During training, participants receive an opportunity to make sure that they themselves are living the life of Christ, before they teach it to others!

      Our main focus is salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who laid down His life voluntarily to save people from their sins and to restore them to a life changing relationship with Father God.


    • Opportunities to "see and work"
      EHC encourages opportunities for supporters to visit operational areas in some of the countries we work in. Particulars of tours are made known and believers, who are willing to receive basic training so they can work side by side with local trainees, are welcome.

      Visitors, particularly pastors/leaders, must also be willing to teach and share about their own life, training, and also experience as men or women of God. These work tours are in great demand.

      At present, this avenue of EHC ministry is moving in a new direction. Church leaders from 'outside', who have a desire and calling to work in Africa, are eager to find out how their participation can make a "difference". They want to use opportunities well instead of sending unprepared, unqualified workers into the harvest field, who are not adequately trained and as a result are not effective in their evangelism attempts.

      EHC "hands on" mission outreach tours ensure that prospective spiritual investors into Africa receive training and vision, and they are given the opportunity to see meaningful opportunities for service and ministry.

    • 40/40 Vision
      At the Cross of Calvary, mankind was awestruck by the revelation of God's mighty 'Vision'.

      Both literally and figuratively, man has at best, 20:20 vision, but God's incredible 'super vision', His "40:40 Vision" is way beyond our wildest imaginings. Only the anointing of the Holy Spirit enables us to stand back in awe and survey the bigger picture . as God sees it, with "40:40 Vision".

      God is revealing His "Super Vision" for Africa - His 40:40 Vision. From latitudes, 40 degrees north of the equator, to 40 degrees south, God's 40:40 window - He is unfolding His 40:40 Vision!

      May we all, with the Apostle Paul, be able to say,
      "We fix our eyes not on what is seen (20:20), but on what is unseen, (40:40) for what is seen is temporal (or subject to change), but what is unseen is eternal". (2 Corinthians 4:18)
Please let us know if we can provide you with more information of any kind in terms of this work or if you would like to receive information on specific projects in specific nations in Anglo Africa.