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Come to Africa and help us reach out

Between the tender giving heart of a donor and the hearts and lives of the millions of Africans to whom we reach out lies a divide, which once bridged, enriches all who dare to cross over and meet Africa face-to-face.

This was my second trip to Southern Africa and still I find it hard to believe or comprehend how quick the people are to ask Jesus into their hearts. I was deeply impressed. This is a mission field ripe for harvest.

Reverend Richard Moyer of the USA (75 years old)

Nkwe Outreach Tours works in close collaboration with Every Home for Christ - Anglo Africa. It is our passion and our purpose to bring donors and other interested parties to the very points of contact where we touch the lives of individuals and communities reaching out for help.

I have been on many mission trips and traveled all over the world. Never has a trip been so fruitful and so enjoyable. For people to become truly involved in missions, they must be allowed to be activated in doing ministry. When we have the opportunity to lead people to Christ and pray for their physical needs, this mission field of Africa comes alive for us.

Two highlights for me: the paralyzed child who stood and walked for the first time and the man near death in his hut who gave his life to Christ. His entire expression changed to one of peace and joy. Thank you for an unforgettable, beyond imagination trip to Africa.

Candy Carmichael (young, experienced medical field worker)

We believe that Africa is all too often seen and experienced as a bottomless pit. Our own experience witnesses to the abundant blessing upon blessing that our Lord showers on both donors and recipients alike. It is a story to be seen and then to be told to all the world.

In two weeks you will feel what it's like to be 'in the bush' ministering to those who live in darkness and extreme discomfort.
You too will experience a bit of discomfort at times - but only when the comfort we take for granted is not available. You will also experience luxury and comfort.

You will see and experience things of great beauty. You will also see things that make you cry. God has something for YOU in Africa!
You will receive leadership training but will also GIVE training. You will bless others but God will also bless you greatly!

This short term mission trip was fantastic! It certainly was "Africa beyond Imagination". I never knew, understood or appreciated Southern Africa's beauty, diversity and its needs until I came on this trip.

Pastor Ron Parks of the USA

I find it impossible to tread on foreign soil and not be touched, illumined and changed - such has been my experience on this trip. I saw and met Pastors and church leaders with the passion of God to reach their own people.

Rev. Richard Smith of Memphis

Working with EHC-AA we have access to the very communities and local leaders at the touch points of our Anglo Africa outreach. We are the only Outreach-based tour operator in Africa (perhaps the world). We have the experience to create customised Outreach Tours to suit individual groups and congregations.

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After the last tour Addie Erickson wrote:
A new direction - this is a new day for Africa. We are seeing first hand the multiplied gifts that are producing new areas to work in to save the lost. At this time in history, a new chapter is being written for Africa. He has placed us here to help establish His Kingdom on earth as never before.