'Anglo Africa Region Monthly Prayer And Praise Bulletin - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2002

We praise His Name for the New Christ Groups formed during September 2002. Pray for these new Christ Groups; please pray that they will be led by the Holy Spirit enabling them to fulfil their purpose. We also praise God for His faithfulness; even though we are experiencing financial struggles we are able to continue with our ministry with His Help.

We praise God for the three successful Heart of Man seminars, which we held, where over 3,000 people viewed the presentations and over 1,000 people came to Christ. We pray that God will sustain the converts and bring them to maturity. We thank God for the opportunity to hold Heart of Man seminars in various churches and locations in all the regions of Ghana. We ask God to impress the churches to embark on massive house-to-house outreaches to increase their membership and plant new churches.

In Kenya, especially Masailand we are having monthly campaigns organised by different churches who participate in our programmes. This has been in force for 2 months and it is proving to be more effective than before. Pray that these campaigns continue without hindrances. Praise the Lord for a successful missions trip where thousands of men and women were saved after viewing the Jesus Film and Heart of Man presentations. We praise God for the committed pastors in the nation of Kenya.

Please pray for God's power to be manifested as we go on outreaches and home visits. Pray that all our teams have a "passion" to reach the "lost" in Lesotho. We praise God for the mighty way in which he is using His body to reach into very remote areas of Lesotho.

Over 800 people made the decision to follow Jesus at our quarterly outreach in the Cotton Tree area, Grand Bassa County. Please pray for the success of our planned follow-up in this area. Please pray against the rebel upsurge in neighbouring Cote D'Ivoire as this could spill over into neighbouring countries. Praise God for the success of the reconciliation meeting that was recently held in Liberia where all participants agreed to work together for lasting peace in the country.

Please pray that EHC will succeed in getting into Madagascar again to make a new start with the work after the 'war'. Leaders need to be drawn together again and we need to hear about needs and opportunities. Pray especially for a new thrust of our work among and through the Assemblies of God Church in this country. Please pray that God will give us wisdom and grant us favour to set up and establish a full time base in Madagascar. It is now time for us to build on the foundation that has already been laid thus far. Praise the Lord for a new Heart of Man tool in Malagassy that will enable workers to share the Gospel more effectively. A small quantity has just been printed for testing and evaluation.

The food security program we are running in Karonga has opened many doors for us to present the Gospel to a number of chiefs and government officials. Please pray that this "trend" continues. Please pray for all the EHC workers in our window, pray that the Lord will continue to give them strength and zeal during this time of famine. Pray that the Lord will supply all their needs. At the beginning of September we witnessed the successful launch of the EHC "Food Security Project", join us in praising the Lord for this. This project has already opened doors for our workers and we believe that many more doors will be opened.

The people of Mocimboa da Praia's hearts have been hardened by Islam and ancestral worship. Most of the people who have been converted in this district are immigrants. EHC evangelists are working very hard to save souls in this area, but their work is isolated due to a lack of communication with our office in Maputo. EHC has not been able to conduct training in this area, except for Serafim Pinto our EHC coordinator, due to a lack of finance. Please join us in praying for the people of Mocimboa da Praia, pray that God will open their hearts. We praise God for the support of our activities that is growing in the churches throughout the nation.

Please pray for all those reached during the many outreaches we had in August and September. Pray that the Holy Spirit will do the follow-up as we cannot do it in all the villages due to a lack of workers and finance. Please pray for the more than 3,000 students who received the EHC booklet "The way to God / Help from Above. Many of them received Jesus during the time the booklets were distributed and many also wrote to the EHC office requesting follow-up material. Pray for the availability of this material - at the moment we do not have anything to send. Please join us in praying for rain - it is very hot and dry in all our areas and the people's cattle and goats are starting to die. It also makes it difficult to do follow-up as all the people are living in the mountains in temporary cattle posts that cannot be reached by vehicle. Kakuyewa (team leader) and a team went back to Epembe Village where they visited Mukaandumbu Tjiposa (the lady that started walking after a team visited her home in August). They gave her some more teaching and we are in the process of starting a Christ Group in the village - the ladies already gather regularly for prayer and sharing. Praise the Lord!

Please pray that the sponsorship and funding, mainly from the Pakistanis UN peacekeepers, for more mosques to be erected all over the nation as well as the planned building of an Islamic college does not take place. Pray that God will grant peace in the sub-region of West Africa, particularly in the Mano River basin (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea), so that the peace in Sierra Leone, which is considered "fragile", be consolidated. We praise God for the cordial reception given the ND and his team by the Paramount Chief in the interior of the Koranko unreached people group and the receptiveness of the people to receive the word of God. We praise God that the home-to-home evangelism is gaining ground in the interior where the name of Jesus is foreign and where many other ministries are hesitant to minister.

Please pray for a smooth transition when EHCSA's office is relocated at the end of October 2002. We praise God for the 1,200 salvations which were reported during the Operation Sunrise Africa outreach in the Daveyton Township on the East Rand. They are in the process of being followed-up and we are awaiting a detailed progress report.

Please pray that God will break the hold that legalism still has on many churches and home churches in this country and that the truth of God in this regard will be given through to believers without fear. Praise the Lord for the 7,725 people, mostly from Muslim background that were saved in 3 months in this country as a result of the witness of those who received training in following the Lord more closely during that time.

Please pray for us as we go around the nation of Swaziland training and encouraging pastors who are working with EHC. We praise God for the new steering committee in Swaziland. All the committee members are taking their work very seriously and soon every home, village and district in Swaziland will be evangelised.

We urgently need prayer for divisional pioneer evangelists in our Tanga province where EHC work was launched last year, so far not much has been achieved. Please pray for more labourers in the mission field, as there is still a very vast area to be reached. We have received invitations from Mbeya and Arusha Towns; praise God for the new doors that are opening. We also praise God for His servants (pastors) who are making themselves available to attend seminars and going on outreaches thereafter.

After our September 2002 seminar many pastors pledged to do intensive training in their own and neighbouring churches. Please pray for the success of these commitments. We praise God for the many outreaches that are taking place in the nation of Uganda, but prayer is needed for a successful follow-up programme. Praise the Lord for dedicated pastors who keep on moving forward despite many challenges. We also praise God for the many churches who have caught the EHC vision to reach the unreached.

Pansi is one of the most wicked "spots" of the Southern Province, west of Kalomo. Witchcraft and "daylight" prostitution is rife in this area. Please join me in praying for the work started by our EHC workers in the community where "all sorts" are already responding to the Good News. Please pray for Fredrick Chewe and his fiancÚ Tessa. Tessa's parents have postponed their wedding to the end of the year and both Fredrick and Tessa hope to be married soon. It is customary in Africa for the in-laws to be fully sanctioned before a wedding can take place. We continue to praise God for the responses we are getting from the Jesus Film showings in our project areas. Johan Beukman and the EHC teams in Mkamba held five Jesus Film rallies and 1,250 people gave their lives to Jesus.

The arrest of a former Supreme Court judge, Justice Blackie, is raising fears in Zimbabwe that the ruling party is going to succeed in intimidating the judiciary. The church has raised a loud voice of concern over such gross abuse of power. A joint operation by EHC and the Navigators at the University of Zimbabwe saw 64 students giving their lives to Jesus on campus last month. Praise the Lord!