An effective pattern to use daily when interceding for Christian workers

Scripture - Colossians 1:9-11. Claim the revelation of:-

  1. God's WILL for workers:
    Paul first prayed that his fellow workers would be "filled with the knowledge of God's will." We should ask God to show workers specifically how they should use their time.

  2. God's WISDOM for workers:
    That they will be filled with all wisdom. When workers receive the knowledge of God's will, they often need wisdom, or common sense.

  3. God's spiritual UNDERSTANDING for workers:
    All too frequently, Christian workers view problems as man sees them and not as God does. For this reason, Paul claimed that his fellow workers would be 'filled with spiritual understanding." Understanding means "the quality of comprehension or discernment."

  4. God's HOLINESS for workers:
    Paul prayed that the Colossian believers would "walk worthy" or walk in the understanding of God's holiness working within them.

  5. God's PLEASURE for workers:
    Paul prayed that his fellow workers would walk worthy of the Lord, "unto all pleasing." He longed to see his spiritual friends become unique and peculiar treasures to their Lord through both their conduct and testimony.

Claim and increase of…..
  1. Effectiveness:
    That workers would be "fruitful in every good work." Claim that their effectiveness in service would grow and abound. Every seed planted to produce some type of fruit.

  2. Personal Growth:
    For an increase "in knowledge of God." Because personal growth will only happen with a strong devotional habit. That workers would seek to spend more time alone with God.

  3. Strength:
    For Christian workers to be "strengthened with all might according to God's glorious power."

  4. Patience:
    That God would grant His workers a combination of 'patience and long-suffering." Patience is the ability to wait under pressure. Long-suffering is the ability to put up with these difficult "pressure" situations for long periods of time. Long-suffering is actually a special form of "extended patience."

  5. Joy:
    That God would give His co-labourers a "spirit of joyfulness." Ask that God would baptize them in a river of joy. After all, it is the "joy of the Lord" that is their strength.
Use the prayer guideline to help you pray for Christian workers who are taking the Gospel systematically home-to-home.

Your prayers can truly help change the world!