"BEYOND ACTS" Publication - dated April 2001

Dear Co-workers, Prayer Partners and Friends

God will take control of all the Kingdoms of this earth and will hand it over to his saints. We in EHC help to prepare the way. In every country there must be saints who will be able to reign in that place in and through Him. Read about this in Daniel 7.

In LIBERIA we have just been encouraged as we saw strongholds of darkness topple and fall. It happened in the place where terror reigned and where a former president was murdered and towed on a rope attached to a vehicle through the streets.

In March/April during an EHC/YWAM leadership training outreach, three evangelistic thrusts were launched as "space" platforms for a Gospel offensive that will eventually touch the whole nation. We trained more than 400 leaders in Monrovia (capital city) Buchanan and Rivercess. These three places are in the southern part on the Atlantic coast. In the next phase in July, four more regions will be "activated" as part of a task of lighting holy fires throughout the country.

Here are some of the reports for praise, and also for prayer. We cannot do what has to be done alone or in our own strength. We need God and we need strategic partners. You are one. So give glory to Him as you read further but also ask yourself: "What does God want me to do on this war front?"

BEYOND ACTS 28 (April 2001)

The civil war in LIBERIA in which tens of thousands out of a population of some three million were killed and violated, ended five years ago. No family in the land escaped without having lost dear ones. The trauma continues in the hearts of many and only a live relationship with Father God through Jesus can heal and restore.

Salvation, healing and restoration is what it is all about now - to strengthen, encourage and train godly men and women
  • in strategic areas throughout the nation
  • to be effective and fully operational
  • in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • to every home in the country. The work will be done in phases.
In the first phase mobilizing, restoration, training and equipping will be done in seven cities and towns. This is where Holy Spirit fires will be lighted.

In the second phase, the country will be divided up in small parts and those who have been touched, changed and prepared by God, will take the full, effective Gospel to every home in every city, town, village and in the bush. In this stage Holy Spirit fires will bring enlightenment and new Life to the whole country!

This has already started and as it continues to burn, we will see the healing of hearts and homes and land. The blessings of God will touch the nation and be manifested in both physical and spiritual ways.

Here is a brief report on where we had been (Monrovia, Buchanan and River Cess). It is hoped that EHC and YWAM combined will go to the remaining four first phase targets in June/July this year (Greenville/Sass town, Voingoma, Yekepa and Zwedru).

REPORT: (The training):
In Monrovia an average of 217 leaders (86 pastors) attended the two-day training that was followed by a week of outreach through trained pastors. In one afternoon of practical outreach 536 people were saved, filled with the Spirit and led into an understanding and experience of fellowship with God. In all 271 rededicated their lives to Jesus.


The training in Buchanan and River Cess followed the exact pattern as in Monrovia except that in River Cess the EHC team had to leave before the practical outreach was completed. The leadership attendance in Buchanan was 180 (48 pastors). During practical outreach 351 were saved and 288 rededicated their lives to Christ. In River Cess 114 leaders attended (36 pastors).

In the three places the believers were equipped, briefed and a plan was explained whereby they can:
  • lead at least one person in each of 35 000 households (homes) to the Lord in these regions during April and May 2001. An average of 5 people stay in each home so the number of people targeted in this phase is 175 000.

  • Testimony of a pastor on the second day of training in Buchanan:
    "My wife and I were married in the traditional way during the war years when everything was disrupted and we could not marry in the church.

    Recently we decided to do that. As I left home to make the arrangements, my wife was raped. It shattered our whole world. It broke my heart. I sent my wife and little son back to her parents. It was dark in our lives and there were many tears. I wanted to kill the assailant but by the grace of God I did not succeed though I assaulted him and went to jail briefly for that. Yesterday during the training, I rededicated my life to Jesus. I opened my broken heart to Him. The power of Satan was broken over me, the curse removed. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and clothed myself with His righteousness to get into the presence of Father God.

    He welcomed me back with outstretched arms and embraced me with His love. Last night I went to see my wife at her parents. We talked and prayed till 2am this morning. I showed her the way to God that I had just walked and she was also touched and healed. I brought my wife and son back home last night. I will marry, love and protect her and will preach this Gospel of salvation that changes hearts and minds everywhere I can."

    (Testimony made in public in the presence of all pastors of the Buchanan area and other leaders who attended EHC training. More information also given afterwards in an interview

    Second Testimony: (By Bishop Peter Dabieh who started and leads twelve churches in Liberia)
    "I was away when my sister was raped and her right breast burned with boiling water by the man who violated her. My mother, other sister and brother as well as three other family members fled in fear from the assailants and tried to get away in a canoe.

    In the rough sea at Rivercess, the canoe capsized and all six family members drowned. Three others who were also in the boat, survived to tell the story.

    I was deeply hurt and shocked when I heard the report, but God dealt with my heart and I knew I had to forgive. I tracked down the man who raped my sister and chased my family to their death, even firing on them as they fled. He was very scared when I found him, but the Lord gave me the grace to forgive and to invite him to a meal: "Don't fear! God wants me to forgive you as He also forgave my sins. You are forgiven - may God help you never to do something like this again!"


    Tears filled the eyes of the rapist and murderer. He tried to eat, but could not bring the spoon to his mouth. After a while He thanked me and left. Touched by the love of God he went everywhere telling the story. Through his testimony, about two hundred others rebels came out of the bush and laid down their arms. Your coming here to Rivercess encouraged us. God did it. He brought more healing. The training and equipping will enable me and my congregations and the other pastors and leaders here to go to many other places to preach the full Gospel to the lost and bring further healing to broken hearts and a broken land!"

    Testimony 3: How God used a tire burst and a blocked diesel filter to save 75 children!
    The EHC outreach group in Liberia left Monrovia two hours later than anticipated on the second leg of the outreach that would take them to the coastal town Buchanan about 110 kilometres from the capital. The bush taxi, in which ten of the team members travelled, did not look roadworthy. It was hot and it seemed unlikely that we could reach Buchanan before dark, making the trip dangerous.

    When the left rear tire had a blow out, the leader of the team called it a day and suggested a "tactical retreat" to the Beach House in Monrovia where they had all stayed before. Other leaders confirmed that this decision is from the Lord.

    A small task force of three men left with a smaller vehicle so they could continue with arranged leadership training in Buchanan the next morning while the rest of the team would attempt the journey the next day in another minibus. Everything went according to plan - the task force made it safely through two roadblocks that can be a great handicap in that country. At the first the Minister of Defence of Liberia arrived at the same time our team was delayed. Seeing what was happening, the minister personally shouted orders to the police and waved us through, smiling and nodding a greeting.

    Around ten o clock the next morning as the seminar was already well under way in Buchanan, the new Mercedes minibus taxi that the main team had rented, came to a lurching stop near a small school (Naroway Institute) in Nyawein Town, halfway to Buchanan. The driver identified a blocked diesel filter and while he worked on the problem, the team got out and started witnessing. Small Heart Chart booklets and other EHC materials were taken out and members of the team were soon invited to preach in the school.


    This is where Richard Smith led about 75 children who responded enthusiastically to the Gospel message to the Lord! One of the teachers, Justin Nath, told Hennie Hanekom that he received EHC training a few months before in Buchanan and asked Hennie if he knew Pete Simonis who conducted the training. He was stunned and deeply touched to hear that Pete is a member of the team and is at that moment in Buchanan together with other pastors! "I have been praying that Pete will return because I desperately need new materials to lead the lost to Jesus in this region!"

    Hennie assured him that he would get the material he was praying for (and had it delivered two days later). The diesel filter was repaired, the engine of the bus started without a hitch and the team boarded with great smiles and praises to God who had used a burst tire and a blocked diesel filter to save 75 children and to answer the prayers of one little man called Justin who needed materials to save more of the lost.