"BEYOND ACTS" Publication - dated 24 June 2002

Dear BEYOND ACTS reader

God continues to do mighty acts of grace and mercy, not only through EHC Anglo Africa workers, but also through many churches, ministries and missionaries!

May these reports strengthen and encourage you in your own walk with God.

ZIMBABWE – “SAVED through EHC. And now SERVING under EHC!”
“Do you know that I was saved 32 years ago through Every Home for Christ?” said Pastor Peter Dube, much to the surprise of our EHC National Director for Zimbabwe, Cleopas Chitapa.

Thirty-two years ago, Peter Dube, a young Zimbabwean, surrendered his life to Christ during one of the first EHC outreaches in the country of Zimbabwe. God called him into full time service and today Peter pastors a church of about 600 members in Hwange, south west Zimbabwe. Peter is now one of our key co-ordinators in EHC’s outreach efforts among the TONGA and NDEBELE people groups, working in eight districts and is now more excited about the work and methods of EHC than ever before! He still has a certificate of more than three decades ago proving that he passed an EHC Bible Correspondence Course.

Peter says, “I am so glad that like the people I met 32 years ago who witnessed to me, it’s now my turn to do the same.”

KENYA – “REVIVED and REJOICING through the Heart of Man Material!”
Ten members of the Presbyterian Church of Rev Julius Kaise recently witnessed that they had been spiritually “dead” for twelve years, just sitting in church but with no true, deep, meaningful relationship with God. After the Gospel was explained to them again by using the Heart tools God had provided through EHC, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and their lives are changing.

Pastor Jeremiah Nkimis testifies that his ministry has grown tremendously since he started using EHC tools and teachings. He has started four new congregations that are all experiencing growth. Pastor John Kithembe also reports growth. “Many Masai members of the church cannot read or write. They have gone to church for many years but never experienced the joy of knowing Jesus personally. Through the EHC ministry approach they have come into a fuller knowledge of God and are rejoicing and growing”. “We have to sow more seeds, train more leaders, go to many more places with this dynamic message. Thank God for what has happened and pray for a much greater sowing and watering process so we can see this entire nation turn to Jesus” is the prayer of Nicholas Mulea, EHC’s National Director for Kenya and East Africa.

ZAMBIA – “The great challenged ahead – reaching 120,000 homes in just one region”
We thank God for more than 5 million tracts and Gospel booklets that were distributed to people in Zambia through the EHC ministry. Since this began happening three decades ago, a new generation has emerged in this country and there’s a lot to be done now.

In a recent three-month period, more than 5,000 homes were visited by outreach groups of a variety of churches and co-workers and over 11,500 people opened their hearts to Jesus through our home-to-home crusaders as well as Heart of Man presentations. This was a great encouragement, but our next target is 120,000 homes in just one region in the southern province.

"Unless we win the battle in the spirit realm, we will not win it on the ground. Praise God with us for what has been accomplished and pray for the great challenge ahead”, says Cleopas Chitapa, EHC Zonal leader for this region.

UNSPECIFIED COUNTRY – “Go back to your country… "
Years ago, the leader of our work in this country where many gave their lives for the sake of the Gospel, had a very lucrative offer. An American millionaire offered to leave what he was doing in the United States to make money and come and work full time “for God” in this “difficult” African country. Many Christian leaders would immediately accept such an offer from a rich man, but God gave this particular leader grace and wisdom to refuse the offer. “No, go back to your country and do what you know best to do. Instead of coming here rather send me four Jesus Film kits please!” The millionaire obliged.

Saying no for money and following God’s leading, resulted in millions of souls hearing the Gospel over a seven-year period. Recently in just three months, thousands of people opened their hearts to Jesus as a result of this ministry that is now using much more than just four Jesus Film kits.

EHC humbly thank God that the Heart training tools and message He entrusted us with, is now being used in this country as part of the regular training of the new saints.

MADAGASCAR – “Start forgiving and loving”
A political deadlock brought the country of Madagascar to the brink of a bloodbath and great chaos. EHC leadership in the country believes that God set three conditions for peace and a return to a measure of normality.

First, believers needed to ask God’s forgiveness for trusting in men and needed to restore their trust in God alone for peace and prosperity.
Secondly, they needed to begin forgiving both political contenders.
Thirdly, they needed to start loving both.

An EHC representative delivered this message to about two thousand believers in an influential church in the capital city. Many of them started to obey God immediately. God’s directives are finding a place in the hearts of many leaders who are voicing it to the nation.

The fourth and maybe most difficult condition for peace, was that the leader who won the recent elections had to “step down” and bring the “loser” into the governing process.

This is reportedly now happening. If these reports are true, the stage is set for a miracle of restoration in the country.

We praise God that EHC also had the privilege of investing what was available to help train thousands of Gospel preachers to be more effective as God’s envoys. Please be a part of the unfolding solution now through your prayers of faith and willingness to give and go to the aid of God’s Kingdom as it emerges in this country.

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