"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - January 2004

NEW YEAR greetings from the Anglo-Africa Team!
May your cup runneth over with joy throughout 2004! Our God is an 'extravagant' Giver (the One who gives excessively, going beyond usual bounds). His blessings towards the righteous are unrestrained! What a joy to begin another year in our service to the King knowing that He has in His heavenly storehouse incredibly more than we need to reach every home with the Gospel and fulfil the Great Commission! This is our prayer for our International Leadership, co-workers, partners, family and friends:
"The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of His bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands" (Deuteronomy 28:12)



The fate of this world is in our hands - the Church.
To accomplish the task that we have been entrusted with for Africa, empowering and equipping the local church to get the job done, one of the most necessary ingredients for our success is the need for vibrant and healthy leadership based in the Regional Office, which in turn would flow over into the lives of our National Leaders, Focus Leaders and Pioneer Missionaries. My desire, as well as that of our Regional Leadership, is to promote the success of every person involved - full time workers, volunteers and partners in this ministry - this means a major focus on team development. In a recent communication we read the following explanation of SUCCESS = the fulfilment of the life mission God has for us. And developing excellent relationships with our Anglo Africa team is as valuable to us as the 'results' we receive via their monthly reports. Jesus based His ministry on building relationships. John Maxwell talks about the need for leaders to be able to see the "big picture" - the ability to see not only what is happening, but what probably could happen, what has happened, to have an appreciation for the past, to have a grasp of the present, to have an intuition of the future. If we are 'big picture' thinkers, the vision will become a reality!

Anglo africa's calling within this continent.


After considerable time spent in prayer and discussions in the Regional Office, we have begun this new year with a single-minded purpose. God has laid on my heart that our attention and activities need to be concentrated on the following 3-fold strategic plan and that we are not to allow any detours to side-track us from what God's will is for us as the Regional Team for this year. I share them with you and ask that you would keep these 3 points in your Bible and consistently throughout this year prayer with us as the Regional Leadership as we embark and implement this.
  • Overall strategic plan and assessment of our Anglo Africa needs, with our end vision in sight. This entails doing thorough research throughout our Region to enable us to have a clear and defined picture of God's plan for our ministry (for 2004 and beyond). All our leaders will be engaged in this process and will share their dreams and vision for their assigned nations and projects.
  • Take this to our funding and prayer support bases and to raise the necessary support that is needed to sustain this plan and the needs that have been assessed. Standing before us are wide-open doors that the Lord has brought our way and I plan to follow-up on key contacts abroad. Here we are specifically praying for key partners who have a love and heart for this continent and will come alongside us. With vision, faith and courage we believe it can be done and will persevere until it is done!
  • Our desire is to bring our Anglo Africa personnel together for a major Conference/ Training Consultation. This is without a doubt a key priority and we really want to see all of our National Directors, Focus Leaders and Pioneer Missionaries well trained and equipped. This planned conference will be a defining moment in the personal lives and ministries of each of our team and will empower them further for the task at hand. As part of the Training emphasis of the Conference, we will be implementing the "Train & Multiply" program, which will be introduced into our Region by brother Fred Creighton (our EHCI Pastoral Consultant, New Zealand).

Brother Creighton recently shared some wonderful insight with me in terms of our EHC worldwide ministry, which has given us new perspective in terms of our Region's activities. While we are a front-line evangelistic organization and as such our field workers are largely deployed in evangelism, with a focus on visitation and home-to-home evangelism - (we are well-known and respected world-wide for over 50 years), we are however aware of a "crying" need and call for help in Africa for adequate pastoral leadership and training in how to care for the thousands upon thousands of new converts. This has been found to be a need that exists within most of the Africa churches who are realizing that they are not able to care for the harvest - they are not trained and discipled to care for their flocks! But, we thank the Lord for someone who has committed himself to come alongside us with the "Train & Multiply" Program, which is just what we have been praying for - thank you brother Fred!

Our desire is to encourage the planting of New Testament Fellowships throughout Anglo Africa and we are taking a fresh look at the guidelines set down in God's Word and implement this strategy through this program - to see self-governing, self-supporting and self-multiplying New Testament Churches, using the EHC method of systematic, evangelistic home-to-home visitation strategy being 'birthed' within every focus area of every nation, making disciples of all who turn to Christ!

Self-multiplying churches are the most effective means of evangelism and this vision needs to be planted into every EHC worker. Our goal is not simply to visit every home with a view to winning souls for Christ, but the end goal is these self-multiplying churches with a continual flow of "life and direction'.

The above 3-fold Strategic plan is an "all inclusive package deal" . Determination means 'the act of making or arriving at a decision' - a decision has been taken, the above is our vision and plan for 2004 and we're moving forward by planning purposefully, proceeding prayerfully and positively. We do so with a yearning to use God's gifts and talents in ways that please Him, with a passion for excellence!

"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you"
(Henry Ward Beecher)


Bicycles for East Africa - thank you to brother Denys Blackmore and our Canadian supporters who assisted us with funds to equip 5 of our focus leaders with bicycles.

Also, to other supporters who via our EHC International Office have also felt led of the Lord to help us give "wheels" to our workers in various nations. Praise the Lord!

Gospel Tracts from EHC Singapore - brother KT Kao has printed in total 200,000 Gospel tracts in various African languages for our Region i.e. Swaziland, Zimbabwe/Zambia Tongas and Malawi. He reported in his most recent prayer and praise report that the printing and delivery costs were provided by the Lord through a dear couple. Thank you to brother KT and these Singapore supporters for this most generous gift for our Region. Our literature needs in Anglo Africa are great!

Bibles for Lesotho - this was a prayer request in our December 2003 Newsletter. We thank the Lord and salute our EHC Europe office (brother Pierre Clement and his team) for sending us funds to meet this desperate need.

Birthday Greetings for January
Josiah Mohanoe (Focus Leader, Lesotho) - 9th


Pieces of Gospel literature distributed 64,217
Number of homes reached 57,866
People reached with a clear Gospel presentation 289,330
Salvations (responses to the Gospel) 49,516
Number of Christ Groups formed 348
Volunteer workers (Pioneer Missionaries) 6,037

Congratulations to our leader for the Nation of Sand who is awarded our book prize for November reporting. This is an extremely sensitive North Africa country and we thank the Lord for our leader's consistent commitment with our vision and for those on his team who are so faithful. under very tense and often dangerous circumstances. Thank you brother M!


  • MOZAMBIQUE - Hennie Van Zyl (one of our Southern Africa Zonal Leaders) along with Julio Mutemba (National Leader for Mozambique) will be visiting two focus areas (Pemba and Nampula) during February to conduct training consultations with key leaders. These two areas represent most of the unreached peoples of this nation and we would appreciate your prayers. Dates for this trip: February 21 to March 06, 2004.
  • NATION OF SAND - in his most recent Prayer & Praise report our leader for this north Africa (sensitive) nation made known his need for Heart of Man literature. His stock is now depleted. He reports that they have big plans for the South where they will have a presence in approx. 38 towns. The potential is great and pray with us that God would provide the personnel and funds to operate in these towns. The Lord gave them a message of forgiveness and reconciliation, which is desperately needed after 20 years of war (where millions of people lost their lives and were also displaced). His request is for funds to print 100,000 pieces of Heart of Man literature to meet the demands, which are increasing in various parts of this country.
I would like to close with this word from the Lord:

"For a wide door of opportunity for effectual (service) has opened to me (there, a great and promising one), ………."
(1 Corinthians 16:9)

"Both to Greeks and to barbarians (to the cultured and to the uncultured), both to the wise and the foolish, I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay. So for my part, I am willing and eagerly ready to preach the Gospel to you also ……"
(Romans 1:14,15)

We have a door of opportunity and an obligation (God's mandate) -this is attainable through networking with you, our prayer and financial supporters! We praise God and thank YOU for the unity we enjoy in our 'thinking', our 'doing' and our 'being'!
Until next time,
For His Glory
Hennie Hanekom and the Regional team