"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - February 2004

GREETINGS - it's February already! Did the first month of 2004 speed past for you as it did for us in the Regional Office?

Our Regional Team and myself have been sharing much with each other recently about 'Pursuing Excellence'. Our desire is to perform our duties for the Kingdom in an excellent manner. Living Christ-like lives, expressing the love and encouragement of Christ that would touch not only our co-workers and families but also, the hearts of unbelievers.

Our prayer is that this 'excellence' will enhance our witness and also cement partnerships and friendships within our Region. Our goal is to be more like Christ, and to be all Christ has in mind for us to be as a Region - and not let anything take our eyes off our goal! To do this, we need as the Anglo Africa team to have 'the attitude of Champions"!
  • Champions never give up
  • They have a clearly defined role
  • Champions are focused
  • They listen to their Coach
  • They are team players = unity
  • Champions know the tricks of their enemies
  • They expect to win and have great expectation about their future

  • God has a plan for Africa!
    God has a plan for Africa - a continent rich in resources such as gold and other minerals, oil, good and fertile soil, and people! God has a plan for Africa, as He has for every other continent. When there were famine threatening God's people during the times of the Bible, they came to Africa to find relief. When Herod wanted to kill the baby Jesus, his parents fled to Africa for safety. God Himself carefully shapes the destiny of Africa. Pray His blessings for this continent! Trust Him that His plan for Africa will come into fruition (from 'Pray Today' Jan. 2nd)



    LESOTHO - Distribution of 'shepherd boy' cassette tapes.
    Permission from the Lesotho Bible Society has been granted for us to begin duplicating the 'shepherd boy' tapes - praise God. These are the young children who spend many hours each day high up in the mountains, all alone, watching over the family cattle. It has been our desire for some time now to be able to use this cassette tape to share a clear Gospel presentation with these youth. We thank the Lord for answered prayer that we can now take this project to the next level. Also, again we extend our thanks to our EHC International Office and Gospel Recordings (USA) who have blessed our region with hand-crank tape players which have enabled us to 'move forward'. I (Hennie Hanekom) will be visiting Lesotho From 23-26 February to meet with our two focus leaders and some of the pioneer missionaries and Bible Students for a one-day consultation at the Bible College in Buthe-Betha. I will also personally be handing over 10 bicycles, a stock of Bibles, Gospel bracelets, Heart of Man literature, as well the cassette tapes and tape players. We also have a few manual typewriters for our leaders as well as the Bible College students!

    Please pray with us for the implementation of our 'shepherd boy' project - this is an opportunity not to be missed for the Kingdom!

    This happened just this morning (12 February) - our National Leader for Mozambique (brother Julio Mutemba) shared with us his desperate immediate needs. The remittances sent monthly to our nations are by far too little to meet the needs of our program and this is an area that we are praying and trusting the Lord for, that we would be in a position to do far more for our leaders. It continues to amaze us to see what is still accomplished through the '5 loaves and 2 fishes' that they do have and for which we are most grateful and offer sincere thanks.

    The Regional Team lifted up brother Julio and his needs before the Lord and not long afterwards a dear friend in Pretoria phoned me to say that the Lord laid on his heart to give Julio R5,000.00 (approx. $800.00). What a great God we serve! This is but one example of the multitude of miracles taking place daily, which speaks of God's faithfulness towards us as a Region. I am always reminded of an old English saying, "Doing God's work God's way you will never lack His supply".


    Birthday Greetings for February 2004
    Hennie Van Zyl (Southern Africa Zonal Leader) - 11th
    Sydney Thomas (National Director, Liberia) - 16th
    Aleta Reyneke(South Africa Office) - 24th

    Pieces of Gospel literature distributed 93,245
    Number of homes reached 54,651
    People reached with a clear Gospel presentation 273,255
    Salvations (responses to the Gospel) 45,450
    Number of Christ Groups formed 348
    Volunteer workers (Pioneer Missionaries) 6,027


    • Namibia - Pieter & Ursula de Villiers have a great need for a reliable vehicle (and urgent repairs to their present vehicle) to enable them to reach the extremely remote villages in this focus area.
    • East Africa - our leader for East and Central Africa (Nicholas Mulea) also needs a 4x4 vehicle.
    • Vehicles - This is actually the need for many of our leaders. We are a "MISSION ON THE MOVE" - going where the people are - and mobility is of the utmost importance to get the job done. Please pray with us that God would supply all our leaders with reliable transport.
    • Madagascar - expect a consignment of 5,000 books from India. Pray with us that the custom officials will waiver the import duties as these books will be distributed free of charge.
    • Zambia - one of our focus leaders (Fredrick Chewe) is very ill. Please lift this brother up before the Lord, for complete healing.
    • Hennie Hanekom - trip to the USA (March 5 - 17th) to attend various meetings at the Jericho Centre in Colorado Springs as well as meetings with other ministry and church leaders from other areas. This also includes a most strategic consultation focusing on our Horn of Africa/ Ethiopia activities. Thank you for your prayer support during this time for myself and those (a team of 5 who will be joining me) going with me. Please also remember my family and regional staff while I am away.
    A list of strategic needs is available from our Regional Office if you wish to pray over them. Each of our nation's offices need to be furnished with new computer (and communication) equipment as that which they are currently using in many nations is virtually obsolete and desperately needs updating to enable them to communicate effectively with the Regional Office. Until next time, Remember, Love never fails! (1 Cor.13:8) For His Glory Hennie Hanekom and the Regional team