"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - April 2004

Special greetings from myself and the Regional Office team, to our whole 'constituency' - co-workers, prayer and financial supporters and friends of our Anglo Africa Region!

I would like to briefly share with you about my (along with a team from a local church in Centurion who joined me and also Bill Price, the CEO of our 'Africa Vision Foundation') trip to the USA. It was two-weeks filled with excitement and I thank the Lord for the opportunities I had to present our Region to various audiences. I spent the first week in Colorado Springs with our International Leadership, amongst others Dr Dick Eastman (our International President) and Steve Prensner (our Vice President) and presented our Anglo Africa 2004 Assessment Focus and Strategic Plans.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with all those who receive our Newsletter our Anglo Africa Region 12x5 Principle - this constitutes our 2004 and beyond focus and is part of what God laid on our hearts at the onset of this year - a follow-on of our January Newsletter. Our reason for sharing this 12 x 5 principle with you is to ask you to please add this into your prayers for Anglo Africa, that God will give us all that we need (His wisdom and provision) and grant us favor in terms of opening doors for partnerships, prayer and financial support, and major investments which will enable this to happen.

In our Regional Office prayer times we continue to pray and trust God for 'increase on every side' and we firmly believe that within our ministry and personal lives, this is the "year of release and activation of God's blessings"' and a 'divine reversal' of any area of lack.

There is no dream too extreme!

The concept of our Region being divided in 12 Hubs/Zones (12 strategic geographical areas) reminds us of Jesus' 12 disciples and how He took responsibility of training, equipping and capacitating them and through this their entire known world was reached with the Gospel! Our 5-Fold Focus is Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting (Christ Groups), Pastoral Training and Leadership Development - reminding us of the 5-fold ministry with the purpose of 'equipping the saints for their work of ministry'. We are confident that our 12 Hubs/Zones x 5-Fold Focus (our 12x5) is a winning formula and our International Leadership fully endorse and are behind us in this process and plan of action! Please pray with us for all the resources needed to fully equip our bases and workers with what it will take to reach all of Africa, together with all our ministry partners.

Our leaders are in the process of compiling their business/strategic plans (and painting a clear picture) which will enhance our fund raising efforts, which is of paramount importance to enable us to "take the Gospel to where the people are" throughout our Region. Each of our nation's Proposals/Strategic Plan will be a simple, yet effective document and the content will amongst others, include information on the windows of opportunity in each nation, vision and goals, feasibility studies, information on the people groups, and EHC's accomplishments so far.

We are embarking on (and working proactively towards) a 'capacitating process' for our leaders in the areas of:-
Mobility (reliable transportation) Visibility (a facility), Communication (electronic equipment), Staff (skilled), and the funds to maintain our EHC program within each nation (this includes a monthly remittances for our leader, training, Heart of Man materials and Gospel literature, bicycles and all that they need to get the job done as effectively as possible. Pray with us as we trust the Lord for His provision.

Our slogan is "Begin from within and start from the top". The Lord has convinced us of one thing: "The answer to obeying the Great Commission is evangelising THROUGH nationals TO nationals - nationals reaching their own people" (John Haggai).

National Leaders are the people who have the greatest potential to influence the greatest number of people for Christ in their countries. Already proven leaders, these men and women have considerable influence with both Christians and non-Christians.



LESOTHO: New facility for Pastor Josias Mohanoe (Focus Leader)
One of our partners (Pastor Peter Loots) recently informed us that God laid on his heart (and those who work closely with him in reaching Lesotho) to establish a permanent base in the Sehlabathebe area (one of the most remote mountain bases) from which Pastor Josias and his teams can operate from more efficiently and effectively. A pastor from a local church (Durban, SA) and his congregation have sponsored this project and have purchased an old restaurant facility which will be developed into a base/facility/office/training centre and also a home for Josias. The building requires renovations and upgrading and the Regional Office has arranged for a team from a local church in Pretoria SA to take a group of students during July to assist with the jobs that need to be done. The team will be taking with them various items (paint, cement etc) to begin renovations and will also do outreaches to the mountain villages. The Regional Office will give the team a stock of Heart of Man material, tracts, Gospel bracelets, second-hand clothing etc to take with them.

We thank the Lord for this facility and for our partnership with Pastor Loots and his team. The building is situated right next to a school and is ideal for youth work! Please pray with us as we do all we can to 'capacitate' Pastor Josias with all that he needs to reach the remote mountain villages with the Gospel - transportation, electronic equipment, and skilled staff amongst others. If you would like to know more about Pastor Josias' needs please communicate with the Regional Office. Pray for:-
  • The team going in July (very cold weather conditions).
  • The outreaches to the mountain villages
  • Pastor Peter Loots and all those who have contributed financially towards this facility

  • ETHIOPIA - Training Consultation - May 14-17th
    Dr Charles Blair (from the US) and his team, on invitation from president of the Benishangul-Gumuz District (a born-again Christian) of Ethiopia (which borders Sudan) will be holding a training conference from May 14-17th where hundreds of local pastors and leaders will be trained in evangelism. Dr Blair has invited me to join him at this time and participate in this 3-day training session and share our EHC vision, home-to-home focus and strategy as well as the implementation of our program. Nicholas Mulea (our Zonal Leader for East Africa) will be joining me to facilitate our training.

    Dr Blair's focus is to plant 3,000 churches (this is on invitation from the president ) and a large amount of the required funds (US$1,850,000.00) has already been raised for this project. Praise God for His provision! Dr Blair lives in Denver, Colorado and has been working in Ethiopia for the past approx. 17 years to do regular on-going training. Our Anglo Africa partnership with Dr Blair (the Blair Foundation) will assist us to move forward (this is a giant leap!) in this nation and we thank the Lord for this opportunity which will not only enhance our Ethiopia focus but also the whole Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia).

    On May 31st a USA team of 10 people will arrive to join our Regional Team (3 people) on a trip to the Zimbabwe and Zambia Tonga areas. We took a US team to this area in March 2000 (our first donor trip) and since then we have seen tremendous things happening, with thousands of Tonga people coming to the Lord as a result of hundreds of outreaches. It is a joy for us to once again take a team from the US (pray for us from May 31st - June 10th) as we conduct training with 100 hand selected, EHC leaders from both sides of the Zambezi River and Kariba Lake. The main event of this trip will be our 3 day Conference that will be held in Binga.

    We will also be spending time on a houseboat doing outreaches (home-to-home visitations) during the day, to numerous fisherman villages and in the evenings showing the Jesus Film.

    We thank the Lord for donor teams like this who share our passion to reach Africa!

    • Midge Dumas (the EHC South Africa Office bookkeeper) has recently undergone major surgery.
    • Cor Reyneke (ND, South Africa) - Cor's mother went to be with the Lord.
    • Cleopas Chitapa (Zonal Leader for Zimbabwe and Zambia) - surgery last week
    • Julio Mutemba (ND, Mozambique) and Michael French (Sierra Leone) - have both this past month suffered with malaria attacks.
    • Dries & Valerie du Plessis (Madagascar leaders) - the Island of Madagascar has experienced two devastating cyclones in the past few weeks.
    • David & Winnie Kandawire (he is one of our Northern Malawi focus leaders) - their young daughter passed away tragically.


    Birthday Greetings for APRIL 2004
    3rd - Nicholas Mulea - East Africa
    5th - Adriana Hanekom - Regional Office
    8th - Simon Msowoya - Malawi

    Pieces of Gospel literature distributed 91,175
    Number of homes reached 68,171
    People reached with a clear Gospel presentation 340,855
    Salvations (responses to the Gospel) 35,168
    Number of Christ Groups formed 527
    Volunteer workers (Pioneer Missionaries) 6,408


    It is with hearts full of gratitude that we report to our worldwide family the results of what God empowered us to achieve during 2003! These statistics are a result of the combined efforts of our whole Anglo Africa team and the Regional Office would like to pay tribute to each Zonal and National Director, our Focus Leaders and the thousands of pioneer missionaries who worked tirelessly to distribute 1,024,618 pieces of literature to 835,680 homes within our Region. In spite of facing many difficult challenges (i.e. lack of transport, funds, materials and tools) they continued to reach every one of these homes (which represent 4,178,400 people) with a clear Gospel presentation, which resulted in 570,569 people accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior! We praise God for the 3,171 Christ Groups that were formed and we trust the Lord for continued growth in each of these new believers lives!

    We wish to honor those who support our Anglo Africa Region's vision and strategy through their giving: prayer and financial support! Thank you every one - and above all, we give God all the glory!
    Until next time,
    For His Glory
    Hennie Hanekom and the Regional team