"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - May 2002

Hello again ..... to our EHC family: co-workers, supporters, prayer partners and friends

Please find below a copy of our newsletter for May 2002. I trust you will be as excited as we are about what God has, and is, doing in our region. YOUR continued involvement in our region has contributed to what you will read about further on ... we love and appreciate you!

I have some "dynamic" and exciting news to share this month, and as you read this newsletter I especially want to draw your attention to the first quarter's achievements (statistics) January - March 2002 : we have reached approximately 1 million people with the Gospel .... details further on! Jesus said in John 15:8 "This is My Father's glory, that you bear much fruit ......" I know that the Lord of the Harvest is well pleased with our team as we bore much fruit for His glory as these souls responded and came into a "right relationship" with the Father through our Anglo Africa program.

More than ever, while writing this newsletter, I again came to the conclusion that what we are busy with is part of God's plan for the continent of Africa - that it WILL be known as a "continent of light"! We will now, in the months to come, set our goals even higher and I will be communicating again with all our Leaders in regards to setting goals, and achieving even more - let's aim high!

Please keep on praying for God's provision in terms of materials and tools needed. Also, we are trusting that more people will be 'propelled' to partnership with us in prayer and giving and come alongside us with what we are doing. The following is a statement by the main pastor from the Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria (South Africa), Pastor Van Niekerk, a good friend of ours:


"We cannot complain about our world unless we are doing something to change it, and it will only be changed by 'going' people and 'giving' people."

True, isn't it? I hope the following piece on Leadership will bless you ...... something worthwhile to share with your focus leaders.

A good description of Leadership!


One of the greatest challenges facing leaders is to replace themselves, training others to become leaders. Many outstanding accomplishments have been started by someone with great ability whose life or career ended before the vision became a reality. The fulfillment of that dream then became the responsibility of that person's successor. One of the best tests of our leadership is our willingness and ability to train another for our position.

Moses made an excellent decision when he chose Joshua as his assistant. That choice was later confirmed by God Himself when He instructed Moses to commission Joshua as his successor (Numbers 27:15-23). Joshua and Caleb were the only two men among the 12 spies to bring back an encouraging report after being sent into the promised land the first time. Other references show Joshua to have been Moses' constant shadow. His basic training was living with Moses - experiencing firsthand what it meant to lead God's people. This was modeling at it's best!


Who is your Moses? Who is your Joshua? You are part of the chain of God's ongoing work in the world. You are modeling yourself after others, and others are patterning their lives after you. Do those watching you see God reflected in every area of your life? Ask God to lead you to a trustworthy Moses. Ask Him to make you a 'good Joshua'.

Lessons from Joshua's life:
  • Brilliant strategist.
  • Faithful to ask God's direction in the challenges he faced.
  • Led the Israelites into their God-given homeland.
  • Effective leadership is often the product of good preparation and encouragement.
  • The persons after whom we pattern ourselves will have a definite effect on us.
  • A person committed to God provides the best model for us.
"Moses did as the Lord commanded him. He took Joshua and had him stand before Eleazar the priest and the whole assembly. Then he laid his hands on him and commissioned him, as the Lord instructed through Moses" (Numbers 27:22-23)

- the following figures represent approx. 1,018,560 people who heard the Gospel through our program:
Number of people reached (homes visited): 203,712
Number of pieces of literature distributed: 319,141
Number of salvations: 139,197
Number of Christ Groups (Churches) formed: 554
Number of Churches involved: 4,404


These homes reached and people who responded were the conserted efforts of 29, 202 volunteer distributers and field staff who were in turn backed-up by 469 paid field and office staff. The above figures only represent 17 of our nations that are currently active and from who we receive monthly reports.

We give God all the glory for this "achievement" and for this harvest of souls (Jan - March 02). These are not just 'numbers', but real "kingdom results". Please pray with us for every home reached, every person who responsed and for every Christ Group formed and also for every worker and church involved in our program. Numerous nations in our region are facing a 'decline', but we continue to see God's Spirit moving across our continent and that in these times of uncertainty people are more open to talk about eternity!


Awarded to: Albert Muleya
(Focus Leader - Zambia Tonga Project)

Well done to our brother Albert for the tremendous strides he is taking to reach every home with the love of Jesus Christ. We salute and appreciate you as part of our Anglo Africa team!

We are not here in the world for ourselves. We have been sent here for others.
The world is waiting for us!
(Catherine Booth)

There is absolutely no substitute for this secret communion with God. The public church services, or even the family altar, cannot take the place of the 'closet' prayer!
(Gordon Cove)

REGION/LEADERS UPDATE:- (Don't forget to share your news with the Regional Office so we can, in turn, praise God with you in your joys and also lift your needs up to the Lord)

  • Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swaziland: These Southern Africa nations are in the grip of an unpresedented hunger/food shortage crises and as a result, thousands of people are dying! On my recent trip to Malawi (with Simon Msowoya), I personally saw the devestating effect this situation is having on the nation of Malawi as a whole, and on the lives of our leaders and workers. We thank the Lord for the help that we could offer to our 46 leaders/workers and their extended families (close to 3,000 people). Please pray with us that the Lord will open doors for us to be used as a facilitator and for God's wisdom and favor to rest upon us as we try to negotiate with the United Nations Food Program and other humanitarian orgnaizations. We would like to be a chanel of distribution while we are taking the Gospel to each village and home. Helping people in need is definitely a "door opener'" for the Gospel! We can use this opportunity to be channels of God's love and embrace these people who are at this time unsure of what the future holds - let's together be sensitive to their 'distress call' and show them in a practical ways that Jesus Christ holds the future in His hands! Our report on my recent Malawi trip is available from our Regional Office should you wish to have a copy.
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  • Namibia: we have planned towards a major consultation from the 9 - 11th May in Owamboland (aprox. 60% of the population of Namibia live in this region). We are expecting main key pastors and leaders to attend this important consultation for training to enable them to effectively reach this entire area with the Gospel.
  • Lesotho: a very strategic meeting with key churches and pastors will be held from the 16-18th May in the capital (Maseru). This meeting is to discuss strategies and plan towards reaching the remainder of the mountain people (55%). This consultation will also involve Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) who will fly us to various places in the mountains.
  • Southern Africa Conference: we are planning towards this consultation being held at the end of May/early June. The Lord has led me to call all our southern Africa full time leaders to come together for a special S.A. Consultation. Further details to be shared with you next week, with the focus being on an all inclusive southern Africa EHC thrust. Please pray that the Lord will supply us with the finances for travelling and accommodation. I will in the near future announce upcoming consultations for the other zones in our region.
  • Regional Camp Site: This is an extremely exciting development that I want to start sharing with you. For some time now, our Regional staff have been praying for a facility in the Pretoria (South Africa) area to have a facility of our own (like a camp site/conference centre) to be used as a Regional Training Facility, and also a venue where leaders can come down to stay for a period of time, even with their families. We have already asked one of our architect friends to do an artists impression on what we need. I will share more with you in the future about what we feel God is leading us to do in this area of ministry.
  • Anglo Africa Web Site: Another new dynamic development is our A/A web site! This is now in the process of being developed. Please pray for this most important aspect of our ministry - the most updated photographs, testimonies, etc will be on the site!! I trust to be able to pass our web address on to you at the end of May. This will enable us to have people visit our site 'electronically' and see for themselves what God is doing in our region! I am personally highly excited about this.
  • Thanks - please thank the Lord with us for our good friend Charley Rosencrans's gift in the form of another two mobile printing presses. One press has been installed in Niarobi, Kenya for our East Africa nations and the other in northern Namibia, to be used for Namibia, and also parts of Botswana and southern Angola.

BIRTHDAY (note from Nicky).....
It is Hennie's birthday on the 21st May!!!! We will do our best to 'spoil' him here in the office on behalf of all of our leaders and friends.


Until next time .....

"God created us to be thoughtful, planning and envisioning people!

And I am so grateful that each of you who receive this communication, are people anointed and appointed by God to be part of our regional team - either as full time workers, prayer partners, supporters/donors and friends.

I always thank the Lord for blessing us with people of your 'calibre' who have joined hands with us in impacting "Africa" with "GOOD NEWS"!