"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - May 2004

Being part of something far greater than we could have imagined!

Hello - from myself and our Regional Team! By the time you receive this email I will already have arrived in Nairobi, Kenya and then tomorrow morning (May 12) our East Africa Leader (Nicholas Mulea) and I leave for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to be part of the 3-day training session to share our EHC vision and strategy (as I shared fully in our Newsletter last month). Please especially cover us in prayer - I will be back in the Regional Office on Monday, May 24th. This is a wonderful opportunity and the results of this trip will take us to another level in terms of our Horn of Africa focus.

As the Regional team, we stand in awe at the awesome partnership opportunities that have from the onset of 2004 come across our path!

The Hallmark of Partnership
  • Absolute honesty
  • Joint accountability - a balance of power
  • The elimination of status symbols
  • The exchange of purpose
"Perseverance and patience are a result of seeing the big picture" - and we thank ALL our faithful co-workers, partners, and those who support us in various ways - as we never lose sight of the Anglo Africa big picture and goal, primarily to reach every home with a clear Gospel presentation and to capacitate and empower our 12 hubs (zones) with all that they need to get the job done! Our prayer is that we would always remain an authentic ministry, inspiring people to 'take up the banner' and run this race along with our team with an end goal of bringing glory to God!

Pastor Esaia Malepa (Lesotho) received 4 bicycles recently for his home-to-home outreaches!



Pastors Esaia Malepa and Josiah Mohanoe were recently blessed with bicycles (February) along with a stock of Bibles, Heart of Man literature and cassette tape players - we thank the Lord for His provision to enable us to give 'wheels' to some of our pioneer missionaries! Pastor Esaia was so excited on receiving the bikes and has sent us this photo to share his joy and express his gratitude.


In our January 2004 Newsletter we made mention of our desire to bring our Anglo Africa personnel together for a conference/training consultation. Much prayer, planning and foresight has gone into what God laid on our hearts early in this year and dates have now been set for August 14 - 29 for this major event. Various overseas guests will be joining us i.e. from other Regions and also other like-minded ministries - this is going to be a conference with a difference - a defining moment in lives and ministries!

Train and Multiply Course: We have already begun our implementation process of the T & M within Anglo Africa - this involves pre-training (our leaders are sent a letter and study on a weekly basis from the Regional Office) before our August Conference, then the climax during our time together in Pretoria SA, and thereafter our leaders receive post-training via emails. This is a 6-month process. A tremendous amount of communication and planning is taking place between the Regional Office and Fred Creighton (New Zealand) to ensure that the best possible program is designed in terms of our 'Pastoral Training' focus. This course is especially designed for use in third world situations where pastoral trainees cannot afford expensive training materials but still require effective, comprehensive and easy-to-understand written materials. The materials are illustrated which is extremely helpful for readers who may be semi-literate, which is a challenge we face within Africa. The course includes mentoring, training and practical ministry services and embraces the New Testament education style. We are planning towards including a 'graduation' ceremony as part of our Conference program!

This Pastoral Training is but one aspect of our Region's 5-fold focus i.e. front-line evangelism, follow-up, discipleship, church planting and pastoral training. The T & M is a small reflection of our eagerness to capacitate and empower our leaders with all that they need!

We are daily reminded that God's work cannot be properly accomplished without the efforts of everyone who loves Him! Robert Murray Cheyne said, "Oh, how sweet to work all day for God, and then to lie down at night beneath His smile!" To everyone reading our Newsletter - thank you again for your prayers and continued support, for your passion for the mission and vision of EHC Anglo Africa! Please cover us in prayer for our August Conference for all the resources needed - funds, materials as well as wisdom and planning for the program.

June US Donor Trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia - this event is now just 'around the corner'! The US team arrive in SA on May 31st and we leave early on June 01 for Zimbabwe and Zambia until June 09. The main event of this trip is our 3-day Conference to be held in Binga - thank you for your prayers over this time - our schedule is going to be a very busy one with various meetings, outreaches (during the day and also evening sessions).


Literature distributed 63,944
Homes reached 48,725
Salvations 34,435
Christ Groups formed 317
Pioneer Missionaries involved 4,709

This has been awarded to Michael French (Sierra Leone) for his excellent Quarterly Publications Report recently submitted. We quote a paragraph as Michael shared it with us: "EHC Sierra Leone is very thankful and appreciative to God for seeing us through the second quarter of 2004, even though we sometimes had to go through 'the valley of the shadow of death'. Our field coordinators, pioneer missionaries and volunteers are making pronounced inroads into the devil's territory amongst the unreached people groups in the north-east and south-east of the nation. All of these areas have a very large percentage of illiterate people and as a result the Heart of Man chart is proving to be an indispensable tool. We use public transport to move from area to area and then in the towns/villages we move by foot. This is indeed an uphill task, scaling mountains or ambling our way through bush paths; sometimes the bushes are full of thorns. The task continues to be an uphill one and the challenges we face every day are tough. In the light of this, we covet your ceaseless prayers in our quest to reach the last home for Christ. "


Note from Nicky: May 21 is Hennie's birthday. Please pray with us for God's favor, wisdom and perfect health to be showered upon Hennie and his family.

To close, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not ALL His benefits" (Ps. 103:2)

God has a wonderful way of taking little and turning it into much, of taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary!

Till we 'visit' again electronically,
Hennie and the Regional team