"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - June 2002

What a joy and a privilege to send you another edition of our monthly newsletter! I could literally not wait for the first working day of June to share with you again. You are very special and thank you so much for being part of a winning, and most dynamic team!

I have included below "The Power of Goals" which we were blessed to receive from a dear friend of mine, Dr John Higgens. I met John some years ago at a Leadership Training conference - he is a dynamic man of God who has been blessed with much insight and wisdom. I trust you will also be encouraged as we were, here in the Regional Office when reading this short teaching on goals.


To understand the power of goals, we first have to understand the difference between "PURPOSE" and "GOAL".
  • A purpose is something we ultimately hope to achieve. To improve our 'performance' is a purpose. This doesn't describe outcome, behaviour, or the steps taken, nor in what period of time.
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  • A goal on the other hand is a future event, circumstance, object or condition a person strives to attain within a specific time period, with clearly defined steps.
The power of our goals become evident in view of the following:
  • Goals make us plan, and to plan ahead. Goals tell us where we are going and how to get there. They help us to focus our attention and energy on the future and not on the past. If we do not plan, we will not achieve. People don't plan to fail, there merely fail to plan!
  • Goals give purpose and direction. They tell us where we are going and help each person to see where they fit in. If we don't know where we are going, we will get lost in the wilderness.
  • Antidote for depression. It is common knowledge that one of the symptoms of emotionally depressed people is a lack of purpose in life. Pursuing goals is therefore, among others, also a recommended antidote for depression.
  • Enthusiasm. Goals promote enthusiasm and strong organizational life. Motivation rises up in an organization when the goals, expectations and responsibilities are clearly defined and understood by everyone and everybody is involved in accomplishing the goals.
  • Rewarding. The accomplishment of goals gives us energy and vitality. Being successful achievers makes our lives meaningful and allows us to experience the reward of our labor. It is a common saying that success breeds success. This generates excitement and enthusiasm, the fuel for continued pursuing of goals.
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  • Results-orientation. Goals cause us to look forward and to see in our mind's eye the end result, which in turn, motivates us.
  • Performance. When people know that the way in which they are achieving goals counts when their performance is being evaluated, they work even harder to achieve these goals.
  • Fruition. Without goals, there is no planning, no activities and no progress. The result is that our ideas remain a dream - the proverbial pie in the sky.

HARVEST REPORT - APRIL 2002 Number of people reached (homes visited): 73,833 Number of pieces of literature distributed: 108,135 Number of salvations: 58,845 Number of Christ Groups (Churches) formed: 218 Number of Churches involved: 1,390

We rejoice and say ... "Look what the Lord has done!"
Matthew 12:21 - In His Name the nations will put their hope!

The Anglo Africa team want to glorify the Name of Jesus throughout our region, to all peoples, cultures and nations. May every nation fix their hope on Jesus and gain a fresh perspective of God as their loving and compassionate Father!


The Reporting Prize for April 2002 has been awarded to our Focus Leader in Northern Namibia, Pieter De Villiers (and his dear wife, Ursula). We praise God for these two precious people, and for their most exciting and informative Publication, & Prayer and Praise reports.
We appreciate your tremendous work and efforts in your area - God bless you both. We wish you well with your plans for the Lord, into all of Northern Namibia and Southern Anglo




REGION/LEADERS UPDATE:- (Don't forget to share your news - amongst others, your events diary/family news) with the Regional Office so we can, in turn, praise God with you in your joys and also lift your needs up to the Lord).


  • Please pray for Sydney Thomas' wife, Musu, who is undergoing medical treatment. Sydney is going to accompany her to the US and they will be there for about 3 weeks. Sydney is our national leader in Liberia. He has appointed an interim national leader (Pastor Rueben Logan) for the time that he is away. Thank you brother Rueben for assisting our dear brother Sydney at this time.

  • Cleopas recently had his home burgled while he was away on a trip. We praise God that his wife and children were not harmed, as this took place in the middle of the night when they were alone at home. Please keep on praying for Cleopas, Sarita and their three children.

  • Please continue to pray with us that God would give us wisdom and the 'inroads' as to how we, as the Regional Office, can do everything possible to make a difference. You have received my communication last week in this regard. If you can assist us with information of who we could contact, let us know. For those who have already responded, thank you for the information, we will look into this.

  • Regional Camp Site/Conference and Training Centre:
    We have received an artistic impression of our intended new camp facility. This is a 100% faith venture and trust the Lord with us for the finances to built it. We have done a detailed project proposal - you can have a copy on request.


  • A/A web site:
    I am so excited about this development. We will soon have a very 'interactive' site to visit. The Lord has blessed us with a skilled team who are helping us in seeing this dream fulfilled. It has taken a little more time than anticipated - be patient with us and we'll soon bless you with an announcement. Thank you also to Gary Martyn at our international office who submitted good information to be used on our web site.

MONTHLY REPORTS - to all our leaders, there are some aspects of reporting that we need to discuss once again. We would like to ask that you take careful note of the following points, and make every effort to comply with our requests.
  1. Date of Submission: By the 7th of the following month. If you are planning a trip/outreach, please ensure that you do your reports BEFORE you leave and have someone in your office forward on your behalf.
  2. Financial Reports: Make sure that your calculations are correct.
  3. Check all the statistics/figures you put in against your previous months reports i.e. your literature stock balance from the last month, and then with what was distributed in the current month, and then your balance in stock should tie in with this. We are trying to avoid emails back and forth between the regional office each month quering stock. If there are valid reasons for huge stock differences from one month to the next, please then just make mention of the reason when you send in your reports.
  4. Number of Volunteers and also Churches/Groups who helped: Please ensure that this figure is always included.
  5. Prayer and Praise items: we need fresh, exciting new items each month - please help us so that we can effectively pray for you! i.e. with all the responses, there must be 'up-to-date' testimonies on the effectiveness of the Heart chart and booklets are having, items from the workers and pioneer missionaries, etc. Please, assist us and do not repeat items.
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  7. Quarterly Publications Report: These also need to be submitted to the Regional Office by the 7th of the month in which your nations report is due, to enable us to get them to the international office by the 15th (the latest!). Use the guideline that is in your February Conference file i.e. ministry background, future plans, letters, testimonies.
  8. Christ Groups: You should have received a communication from Marijo Phelps (International Office) dated the 17 April where it was explained very clearly about Christ Groups. I would suggest that you read through this again. If you need another copy, contact the Regional Office.
  9. Heart of Man presentations: Please list these presentations (under the literature distributed) under 'other' in your stats report which will enable us to have more clarity on this.
Special note:
Please see the monthly Statistical, Financial and Prayer & Praise reports as a 'package'. If any stats are mentioned in the prayer and praise items, these need to agree with what is in your statistical report - this is most important, please.

Lastly, I cannot stress enough how much we need you to assist us with this aspect of our Region's activities! When the time of the month comes around that you begin to compile your reports, please don't just view this as a 'job' that needs to be done. Place your previous month's reports on your table, consider them as you do the current month's, and seek the Holy Spirit's guidance with the selection of prayer and praise items, publication material (when you publication report is due), and also that you complete your statistical and financial reports accurately! I would like to suggest that you put aside some time and take your conference file and read through it again, especially the section giving examples of reporting.

I trust that you will "read our hearts" as you are reading this newsletter and do everything you can to meet us with these above requests regarding your reporting. Thank you, each one, for what YOU are going to do in 'steam lining' this most important part of our ministry. How you 'tell-your-story is how we can tell your story world-wide! Assist us ... to enable us to assist you!

In closing ...

We, as Christians, are Christ's ambassadors, with the duty and the privilege to preserve the Christian faith in even the most negative and difficult circumstances. When every decision we make is centered around the leading of the Holy Spirit, we cannot be anything else but positive! And in so doing, we will uplift the spirits of those around us - so they too will become positive witnesses in a negative world!