"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - JUNE 2003

Dreams are the touchstones of our character
- Henry David Thoreau -

To our EHC co-workers, supporters, prayer partners and friends - hello from the Anglo Africa Regional Office!

The Regional Office team and I were so blessed by an email I received from brother Fred Creighton in New Zealand recently and I felt that this would be a good opportunity to share with you part of the content. I quote:

"One wonders a little these days what might happen on the world scene between now and then (referring to our EHC international meetings in Colorado Springs in just under 2 months time) to interrupt our best laid plans! The world has changed since Sept. 9/11 but the Gospel hasn't, neither has the Great Commission. So we must continue in our God-given tasks, stirring up the gifts God has given us and pray, plan, prepare, proclaim, promote, persevere and pay!"

You are God's servants gifted with dreams and visions. Upon you rests the grace of God like flames of fire. Love and serve the Lord in the strength of the Spirit. May the deep peace of Christ be with you, the strong arms of God sustain you and the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen you in every way."

Aren't these words encouraging and empowering? Praise God we know who holds the future and we can continue planning towards reaching every home with a clear Gospel presentation throughout our Region.


While mentioned planning: we will be having our West Africa Leaders Conference here in our office facility in Centurion, SA from the 9 - 13 June, 2003. Participating at this most strategic event (along with members of our Regional team) will be our three West Africa leaders (representing Ghana -Karl Menyah; Liberia - Sydney Thomas; and Sierra Leone - Michael French). In addition to these brothers, we will also have three US guests with us (Wes Wilson, Richard Smith and Farrell Evans). Please pray for us throughout this week as we plan and strategize together.

Another most exiting event on our calendar in the next few months is our upcoming East Africa US Donor trip in September 2003 (a two week trip). This will involve two conferences, one in Arusha Tanzania (this is right at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro) and the second one in Masailand, Kenya. We are expecting in the region of 500 key pastors and leaders to participate at each of these events. The US team (under the leadership of Richard Smith) will also include a medical team who will do medical outreaches at the same time that we do evangelism outreaches in various villages. Would you already diarise this trip and pray with us as we work on all the arrangements (and there are many!) so that we can ensure that these conferences are as fruitful for the Kingdom as possible? Thank you!


We recently received a testimony from Simon Msowoya (our leader in Northern Malawi) - this is a very short story of the commitment of one of our faithful workers in this area (his name is Dickens) to take the Gospel to every home, overcoming all obstacles!

Hennie, I have received the Makanjira report from Dickens (one of our focus leaders in Northern Malawi). I'll try to summarize it in the following way; he left Mzuzu for Mangochi (next to Lake Malawi) on the 5th of May. He took with him (5 boxes) 25,000 pieces of the Heart of Man tracks for our workers working among the YAO people.

On the 6th of May he left Mangochi for Makanjira by Matola (by an Africa taxi). Unfortunately the money he had was only enough to take him to Mpiripiri more than 50km from where we showed the Jesus Film. He had to make a plan so what he did was to hire a Bicycle Taxi. He got two of them. The one carried him and the other carried his bags. The agreement was that they would be paid upon arrival, a condition they accepted. He worked in the surrounding villages for a week . 34 People got saved and 9 were baptized.

Simon Msowoya


Pieces of Gospel literature distributed: 88,964
Number of homes reached: 75,285
People reached with the Gospel: 376,425
Salvations/Responses: 58,584
Christ Groups formed: 168
Volunteer workers (pioneer missionaries): 6,614

"I will go before you, and level the mountains and smash down the city gates of brass and iron bars. And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness, secret riches; and you will know that I am doing this - I the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by your name"
(Isaiah 45:2,3)

For his determination and enthusiasm we are awarding the June book prize to our brother Dickens - one of our focus leaders in Northern Malawi - well done Dickens. You are a most valuable and respected member of our team and we salute you!


We offer our condolences to three of our Anglo Africa team who lost loved ones recently:
Adriana Hanekom - her father passed away
Bruno Luhanga, one of our focus leaders in Northern Malawi - his baby son passed away
Francis Mabinda - focus leader in Zambia - his sister went to be with the Lord.

CHRIST GROUPS BECOMES A CHURCH - TANZANIA! (report by Hennie Van Zyl - Southern Africa Zonal Leader) :
The story of Pastor Thaddeus Sanga: Born in Iringa Southern Tanzania in 1958, Pastor Thaddeus Sanga came to the Lord in 1990 while involved in a smuggling business on the Malawi/Tanzania border. He became a member of the Pentecostal Revival Church where after 2 years he started visiting several places where he used to visit homes and presented Christ. The results he saw encouraged him and the desire to reach out increased and in the process he ended up planting 5 churches within a space of 8 years. In 2001 Pastor Sanga was introduced to EHC and had an opportunity to attend one of our training sessions.

"What I learnt at that meeting changed my whole understanding of evangelism and church planting. I wanted to practice what I learnt and as a result I decided to plant a church at Kyela based on teaching I received from EHC. I managed to plant it and it grew very well and this is a church which Pastor Lucas is now pastoring", Pastor Sanga told me.


It was while he was at Kyela that he began a Christ Group in Bujonda, a village which is approximately 15 km from Kyela town. This Christ Group turned into a church in November 2002. Pastor Sanga was overwhelmed by the large numbers of people who came to the Lord as a result of using The Heart of Man material. Seeing the rapid growth of the Christ Group, he decided to move to Bujonda and plant a church. The church has 60 committed members and is doing very well - praise the Lord!

Pastor Sanga says the secret behind this success is the EHC method of systematic evangelism. "This is the reason why I have been able to plant 2 churches within a period of 2 years."

SPECIFIC PRAYER NEED for this month:
As shared in our May 2003 Newsletter, we have submitted a project proposal (through the tremendous efforts of our EHC Australia office - specifically Lorraine Leach) to launch a Food Security Program in Zambia (the Gwembe Valley) where 400 local farmers are being adopted from 400 villages. We ask for special prayer that God would grant us favor with AusAID. As we have experienced in Malawi with our existing Food Security Program, our humanitarian actives are opening doors for the Gospel dramatically! Many more people will be reached with a clear Gospel presentation as a result of this Food Security Program - and that's our' core' EHC focus and goal!

Many blessing - till we talk with you again
Hennie Hanekom