"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - August 2002

"We talk of the second coming, half the world has never heard of the first!" - Oswald J Smith

At the time of you receiving this Newsletter I will, along with a team from our Regional Office and a US team (donors and dear friends), be leaving for Swaziland (3-8th August) and thereafter we will be traveling on to Mozambique, returning back to Centurion on the 14th August. In both of these nations we will be holding the most strategic conferences, as well as train, equip and mobilize key pastors and leaders to take ownership and run with our EHC vision. In Swaziland we will be meeting with the King as well as other dignitaries.

I would like to ask that you especially pray with us, and for us, from the 2 - 13th August. May God's power and presence be evident in our lives and His anointing rest upon those who are sharing the Word and teaching. Our prayer is that these pastors and leaders become mature, effective disciple makers!

"The things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also" 2 Timothy 2:2

A valued partner (Hermann Smit - NUPSA) sent this to our office recently, and we found these to be extremely valuable words:

Napolean Hill said: "Before success comes in any man's life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. Great success most often comes just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken you. Failure is a 'trickster' with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping one up when success is almost within reach."

Our prayer for our network of co-workers, partners, supporters and friends is that each one of us would be set free from the limitations placed upon us by the world, and see the full potential of God within us! We pray that God would make a way where there seems to be no way, that He would remove the stones and raise a banner for the nations to come to know the living God!

"Unto Him be glory in the church by Jesus Christ throughout all ages, world without end. Amen" - Ephesians 3:21
Number of people reached with the Gospel (homes visited): 114,123
Number of pieces of literature distributed: 123,927
Number of people who viewed a "Heart of Man" presentation: 41,181
Responses to the Gospel: 60,486
Christ Groups (small churches) formed: 288
Churches/Groups involved: 1,335

Thank you Jesus for the privilege of being messengers of your Message of reconciliation to the world. To every person who had a part in these statistics (whether physically going, praying, giving finically or prayerfully) we salute you! Psalm 146:6 - He is the God who keeps every promise!! And His promises are like the clothes we wear - if we use them they keep us warm!

Our reporting prize for June is awarded to Hennie Van Zyl, our Southern Africa Zonal Leader. Thank you Hennie for your commitment and faithfulness. As you draw people from our nations to the Father, may His Spirit guide you, as you lead and disciple them in their new Christian life.

A leader takes people where they want to go. A GREAT leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.
- Rosalynn Carter -

REGION/LEADER'S UPDATE: * Birthday: Cleopas Chitapa (Zonal Leader - Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi) - 15 August - on behalf of the Anglo Africa Region, we wish Cleopas a year filled with love, joy and peace. Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to our vision in reaching the last home for Jesus. Cleopas, we value your participation in our ministry and may God's favor rest upon you in a greater measure than ever before.

* Sydney Thomas (National Leader, Liberia) - we praise God that Sydney Thomas and his dear wife Musu have returned home safely from the USA. Musu underwent medical test in the US and we ask that you please continue to pray for her health.

* Pieter de Villiers (Namibia) - Pieter and Ursula are hosting a "Year of Your Life" team from the Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria. The team will spend 3 weeks with them in north-western Namibia early in August. Pray that God will richly bless and mightily use the team during this 'learning and growing' time in their Christian walk.

* Simon Msowoya (Northern Malawi) & Hennie Van Zyl (Southern Africa Zonal Leader - we praise God for the recent trip Simon and Hennie made into the Mangochi - Zomba focus area. Hennie Van Zyl has been working in this area for some time now and has established good relationships with strategic contacts. We believe that this is the 'appointed' time for the Yao people group to be systematically evangelized! Please pray for our team in this focus area as they reach out to the Yao people. From a recent survey we received in our Regional Office: more than 90% of the Yao people are Muslim and they comprise the 13% of the Malawi population who are Muslims. May God's Spirit move in the lives of these people that they would see the light and love of Jesus Christ through the ministry of our teams using the 'Heart of Man' material.

* Voice of the Church Radio Station (Swaziland) - This radio station ministry commenced in February 2002. We praise God for the US support (Cornerstone Church Tennessee, and also everyone involved as well as the Pastors who are sending our Regional Office the taped messages for the station) that enables us to share the Word of God with the people of Swaziland. The program is called "Every Home for Christ" and is aired each Sunday at 7.00 am and then again at 8.00 pm. The radio ministry is a powerful means of reaching the nation with the Gospel, as permission is not needed to 'enter' a home or village, but it is the person who 'tunes in' to the radio to listen what is on air who finds us sharing the truth of Jesus Christ! Many people are now regularly listening to our program each Sunday and we rejoice that in May 50 people accepted Jesus as Lord and in June 35. We are trusting God for many more souls for the Kingdom as this ministry begins to 'infiltrate' the nation and more people become aware of what we are doing via the radio.

* Karl Menya (Ghana) - Brother Karl reports in his recent Prayer and Praise report that 'remarkable breakthroughs' are being experienced through the use of the "Heart of Man" material. Many youths are embarking on aggressive "soul winning". Let's pray together with our brother and his team for an openness and urgency among the people of Ghana to accept Jesus as Savior!

I close this month's newsletter with Pieter and Ursula de Villiers' (Namibia) words in a recent email to our office:
"God is good - God is very clever - He is God and I think He has pressed "fast forward". It seems like He is in a hurry to fetch us to be His bride. We're amazed and humbled by how God is working in and through us - I guess you can say the same about what He is doing through your life."

From the Regional Office team we say "Amen!" May God's glory shine forth in every focus area, village, town and city in Anglo Africa! Our prayer is that "spiritual gates" would open so that the King of Glory may come in!