"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - August 2004

The secret of success in life is for a person to be ready for opportunity when it comes!

Greetings from Centurion, South Africa. This is most probably the most important month in the lives of our Anglo Africa team! The reason? Our Regional Leaders Conference to be held in Centurion is just 'around the corner' now (August 19 - 27th). Our leaders who represent all the nations we are working in will be with us, as well as international guests from our EHC International Ministry Centre in Colorado Springs; Fred & Fran Creighton (New Zealand) who will facilitate the training and implementation of the 'Train & Multiply' Program; Manasa Kolivuso (representing our South Pacific Region) and James Dean (from Pakistan). We also expect a USA team from "Evangecube" who will train and implement this evangelism tool within our Region. Our main focus at this event is to further capacitate and empower our leaders for the 'job at hand' and raise them to another level in their areas of responsibility in terms of our EHC vision! This is going to be a time 'of a life time' and we are so grateful for all the worldwide support that we have received which has enabled this most important Conference to become a reality! Please diarise this event - keep a special note to remind you each day to pray for us. We will in an upcoming Newsletter share with you a Conference feedback report - God is going to do something amazing!


Proverbs 16:2 "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed".
Thank you for 'standing in the gap' and covering us in prayer!

In our July Newsletter I mentioned that we would in this month's communication include a follow-up report from Cleopas Chitapa (shortened because of space) on our Zambia/Zimbabwe trip with the US team who joined us under the leadership of Richard Smith (EHCI). See below a copy of his testimony as he shares about the amazing impact this trip had in the lives of our Tonga leaders - they will never be the same - and we give God all the glory for this wonderful outcome!

"Equipping for Completion"
Report by: Cleopas Chitapa
(Zonal Leader - Zimbabwe/Zambia)

June 4 and 5, 2004 - will stand out in the eternal calendars of evangelism as historic dates. Every Home for Christ Anglo Africa hosted a conference for Tonga workers in the southern zone from Zambia to Zimbabwe. Our peak attendance rose to 180 delegates, including 13 Zambian key leaders who had to brave the waters of the mighty Zambezi in a boat to come for the conference in Binga - Zimbabwe. They came from the gorges of the Kamativi mountains, they descended from their thatched huts spotted over the Bumi hills, they traveled from the coal mine of Hwange, and endured distances as Nkayi and Lupane. Others came on foot, others on bicycles, others on ox-driven carts while others from fishing camps used their wooden canoes along the Zambezi. A number spent two days or more on the way. They all shared one passion, to hear a word from God that could fuel them to see the completion of a monumental assignment started 4 years ago. God, who rewards them that diligently seek, did not disappoint them. The conference was a pacesetter, in the history of EHC's leadership development task.

Most Pastors confessed to a brand new beginning in their ministry. It was a time of refuelling and refocusing. Lives were changed; ministries energized and hope for completion fully renewed. IT CAN BE DONE! The USA and the EHC regional team worked with such harmony and sensitivity to what God wanted done.

The foot washing service was so unique and without precedence. Some of the conference participants from Tongaland barely put on shoes. They spend their lives walking on foot. For many, while understanding the meaning and also recalling Jesus doing it to his disciples in Bible days, they were so overwhelmed to see white people touching their feet and washing them. There was a sudden break of an intense spirit of brotherhood and unity. It demonstrated an experience that had no comparison and the message was clear even as the master gave it to his own apostles that "you must also wash each other's feet." "This is the first time a white person has ever touched me", remarked one of the Pastors.

The EHC ministry is a foot ministry. These men and women daily walk long distances, home after home to bring the good news. This was truly a moment of refreshing, "blessed are the feet of those who bring good tidings. The final commissioning moment will never be forgotten. We had a candle lighting service. Bob Geabhart stood in pitch darkness as the lights were shut down, with only one candle lit. From one light, we lit all the candles in the hands of the delegates; the hall was brighter than it was with electricity. This was a reminder to all the delegates that if we keep on passing the light of the gospel, Africa will forever be a continent of light. We closed the conference singing the Great Anthem. "If you believe and I believe, and we together pray, the Holy Spirit must come down and Africa must be saved."

God had what he wanted done on this trip and we do thank our leaders Richard Smith and Hennie Hanekom for the tireless effort of seeking the best for Tonga people. As everything closed, it actually was the end of nothing but the beginning of everything - the harvest.

Only eternity will tell the extent and impact of this mission trip.
To God be the Glory.

Richard & Esther Moyer (USA) - The growth in the Gwembe Valley is beyond my comprehension and I eagerly await publication reports from the EHC Anglo Africa Regional Office. God's multiplication table is amazing! He takes the little that we give and multiplies it over and over again. June 2004 was my third trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia. What a privilege it was for me to personally present 21 workers with a bicycle, to shake their hands and to speak a blessing upon them. Only eternity will reveal how many souls were brought into the kingdom of God because of the dedication and commitment of 21 workers using their bicycles to advance the cause of Christ in the Gwembe Valley! My wife Esther was also able to see for herself the work that she has heard me talk about many, many times and she was able to 'catch a vision' of what is doing in Anglo Africa under the very capable leadership of Hennie Hanekom. Going into the villages, giving the people hugs and receiving smiles from them was very touching! They have so little but seem so happy! The trip was 'topped off' with a little dessert - we were able to spend 2 days touring the Kruger National Park. (this is an edited version of all the pastor Richard shared).


Birthday Greetings for August 2004
Valerie du Plessis - 7th
Dries du Plessis - 21st
Cleopas Chitapa - 15th

We praise God that during the month of June our teams were able to distribute 59,760 pieces of Gospel literature to 34,262 homes within our Region! This resulted in 24,797 people accepting the Lord as their personal Saviour and we give God all the glory! As a result of our activities this month, 109 Christ Groups were formed. We salute our National Leaders, Focus leaders and workers (4,456 pioneer missionaries) who were actively involved during the month) for their tremendous efforts in sharing a Gospel piece and/or Heart of Man presentation with these thousands of people!


  • South Africa - alternate office premises are needed.
  • The Nation of Sand (our sensitive north Africa nation) - news reports are received daily of thousands of people who are displaced and dying; this is one of the worst humanitarian disasters ever.
  • Kenya - this nation is experiencing extreme drought conditions and this has been declared a national disaster.
Until next time .."All over the world this Gospel is producing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God's grace in all it's truth (Colossians 1:6)
Let's continue serving God extravagantly - He is an extravagant Giver!!

Hennie and the Regional Team