"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - SEPTEMBER 2003

From the Regional Team, we say "hello"!
(This is a combined August/September communication due to my trip to the USA)

It was such a joy for Adriana and I to represent our Region at the recent International annual meetings held in Colorado Springs and to be present at the dedication of our new Jericho Centre for Global Evangelism. This was truly an awesome experience and a highlight in our ministry! We count it an honor to have been part of this event, and thank the Lord for this opportunity.

It was my privilege to share with the Conference in Colorado Springs and our EHC leadership from all over the globe, what God is doing in our part of the world. I shared with them the statistics and figures as well as testimonies that our office has received from our workers across our Region. The main heading of my report reads: "746,647 People came to Christ in Anglo Africa in one year".

Once again, I would like to thank our leaders and workers throughout our Region who made this possible, with the Lord's help. The response from our International Leadership was so positive when they heard this glowing report of so many people coming to the Lord through the faithful work of our more than 9,000 workers. And in saying this, it again gives me the opportunity to thank you all - our Regional team, Zonal teams, National and Hub leaders, focus leaders and pioneer missionaries. It is because of your faithful commitment to the Great Commission that this is possible!

I also shared in my report (if you would like to receive a copy electronically, please contact my office) about the transformation that is taking place in many of our nations because of what God is doing through us and so many ministry partners. Our new Food Security initiative (humanitarian activities) also forms part of this report, especially what God is doing in northern Malawi through Simon Msowoya and his team. At the end of July Lorraine and Katherine Leach (EHC Australia) visited our Food Security Program; we thank them again for their involvement in this project enabling us to impact the lives of so many people. They were so excited when they personally saw the results of 1,500 farmers and their extended families that are benefiting from this program. Please pray with us that God would continue to open doors for us to do even much more and for us to touch people's lives in a greater measure than ever before - our humanitarian focus is a 'proven' door opener for the Gospel!


HAND-DRIVEN TAPE PLAYERS - Thank you to the international office on behalf of myself and our national leaders for the gift of 800 tape players to the Anglo Africa Region. This will greatly enhance and impact our evangelism activities in the nations they have been allocated to.

(our name for a large Horn of Africa nation)

The recent conference which we participated in, along with SSNETWORK, was a resounding success! We had the opportunity to meet with some most strategic ministry partners who share our burning passion for the Nation of Sand.

The Anglo Africa team have come to have new insight into Kingdom principles in terms of this nation and have a renewed dedication to reach every home with a clear Gospel presentation! On the first morning of the consultation, brother Fred Creighton emailed our regional office and shared some wonderful scripture verses with us. This was such a blessing to all the participants. One verse, which we are claiming: "Isa. 35:1-2 "The desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose; it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice, even with joy and singing."

We praise God for the significant developments made throughout this most dynamic event. This nation's civil war has been one of the world's longest conflicts in the 20th century. Please pray with us for peace and the rebuilding of this largest country in Africa and for unity that transcends tribal boundaries and battle lines. Our prime focus remains the BEJA people group - they live in Egypt, Eritrea and the Nation of Sand. They are nomadic herders of camels, sheep and goats. Please pray with us for the Bible to be translated into the Beja language (Bedawiyyet); for the safety of the Beja believers and for God to bring laborers to harvest the Beja fields.

Please pray for the co-ordinator of SSNETWORK, Norman Johnson, who will be visiting the Nation of Sand early in September (a fact-finding, Joshua/Caleb trip) as well as meeting with our EHC National Director. Many new windows of opportunity have opened in terms of our partnership with SSNETWORK and new foundations will be laid over the next few weeks.

Cleopas Chitapa reported in his September publications report: "I realized that this month Every Home for Christ Zambia is 'hitting' the 100th church mark". As previously shared, our goal for this focus area is 480 churches and we can now see this target in full view and with more clarity than ever before - IT CAN BE DONE! As Winston Churchill said, "the further backwards we look, the further forward we see".

George and Octavia Dlamini visit our Regional office recently. We thank God what He is doing through brother George's life as the king of Swaziland's pastor as well as one of the key men participating in the writing of the Swaziland Constitution. This full story and what God is doing through our EHC activities in this nation is covered in my Annual Report. Please pray with for our National Director (Pastor George Dlamini) for wisdom in developing this new Constitution and the key-role EHC is playing in this most strategic time in the history of Swaziland!

I am leaving on September 08 for a two-week trip to East Africa. We are holding Conferences in Arusha, Tanzania and also in Masailand, Kenya. A team from the USA will be arriving in the next dew days (25 key pastors and leaders), who along with 7 Regional Team members and also approx. 800 key leaders from 7 different East and Central Africa nations will participate at these two conferences. Please pray with us during this time as we train, equip and mobilize these key-leaders from hundreds of local churches in systematic, home-to-home evangelism!


Pieces of Gospel literature distributed: 87,125
Number of homes reached: 76,527
People reached with the Gospel: 382,635
Salvations/Responses: 42,343
Christ Groups formed: 183
Volunteer workers (pioneer missionaries): 6,403

Congratulations to DRIES and VALERIE DU PLESSIS - Inland Ocean Missions (who are our focus leaders in the Mahajanga province of Madagascar). This precious couple have recently joined our Anglo Africa team have held their first EHC training consultation recently. Most of the pastors & evangelists in the Majanga province attended and were trained how to effectively take the Gospel to every house, every hospital, every prison and every person in their focus area.

Dries and Valerie have supplied our Regional Office with the most strategic information and testimonies over the past few weeks, for which we thank them. We praise God for our newly formed partnership with them and look forward to a major Madagascar thrust through this initiative!


Pieces of Gospel literature distributed: 107,192
Number of homes reached: 76,382
People reached with the Gospel: 381,910
Salvations/Responses: 61,495
Christ Groups formed: 250
Volunteer workers (pioneer missionaries): 6,504

Congratulations to PASTOR DANIEL from Swaziland who has been awarded our book prize for this month. We are so privileged to have you as part of our team in Swaziland - your passion and zeal to reach every home in your nation is such a blessing to us here in the Regional Office!


We trust each of you had and will have a very special day!

- 7 August - Valerie du Plessis (Madagascar)
- 15 August - Cleopas Chitapa (Zimbabwe)
- 21 August - Dries du Plessis (Madagascar)
- 7 September - Ursula de Villiers (Namibia)
- 11 September - Julio Mutemba (Mozambique)
- 15 September - George Dlamini (Swaziland)

  • Our National Leader for Mozambique, Julio Mutemba, has been invited to attend training at the Haggai Institute in the USA during October. This is a wonderful opportunity for Julio and we rejoice with him. We give God all the glory for the way He has provided for Julio's financial needs (and visa application) to partake in this - his leadership abilities will be greatly enhanced! Thank you to brother Philip Fourie (Pretoria, SA) who assisted with funds in this regard.
  • Hennie Van Zyl (one of our Regional Team Leaders) recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro - this was a life-changing experience! Hennie shared his physical (and spiritual) story with us and we congratulate him on this endeavour! If you would like to read (and see a few photographs) about his trip, please contact our regional office and we will email you a copy of his report - you will be blessed!
  • Congratulations to Simon Msowoya (our leader in Malawi) and his wife Betty on the birth of their precious baby boy - his name is "Uchizi"!

We thank the Lord that Charles Taylor has decided to leave Liberia and pray that God would raise up leaders with integrity to rule this nation, filling them with wisdom and understanding. Our National Leader for Liberia had no choice but to send his wife and children to Sierra Leone during the worst of the conflict that was experienced in Monrovia. Please pray for our brother Sydney that they would soon be reunited and for the resources they need as a family after this most difficult time. Also please remember all our EHC workers in Liberia and our ministry as a whole in this nation, which has been dramatically effected the past few months.

We also ask that you pray for Sierra Leone and Ghana, our other two active West Africa nations.

Through the ongoing financial & prayer support and the ongoing words of encouragement from those who are partnering with the EHC Anglo Africa Region (in the 28 English and Portuguese speaking Africa nations we are working in), many new doors of opportunity have opened that we have been able to 'walk through'. Thousands of lives each month are being touched and changed as our faithful Anglo Africa team share God's love in genuine, practical ways and impart to new hope to the lost. Working in conjunction with many other ministries, and YOURSELVES, this is possible. God Himself says "thank you" to you and our international office team for being such a big part in helping us change Africa!

THANKS FOR GIVING! Philippians 1:5 "I thank my God for your fellowship (your sympathetic cooperation and contributions and partnership) in advancing the good news (the Gospel) from the first day until now".

Hennie Hanekom and the Regional Office team