"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - September 2004

Warm AFRICA greetings!

With God all things are possible! The Anglo Africa Regional Office have once again experienced His goodness and faithfulness as the Lord opened the windows of heaven and blessed our Anglo Africa Regional Leaders Conference (August 19 - 27). Once again, we extend our sincere thanks to every person who so freely gave towards this most strategic and exciting event - your prayers, financial support and participation in what we are doing is awesome and from myself, Adriana, our Regional Team and Africa Leaders, we salute YOU!

To all those who came and participated - thank you!! Space does not allow me to share everything with you that took place over these 9 days or to thank each person by name, but please know how much we love you!

And try Me now in this" says the Lord of Hosts, "If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it"

"And whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight."
1 John 3;22


These are but just a few of the highlights:
  • Train & Multiply Course - Fred and Fran Creighton introduced and implemented this dynamic pastoral training course to our leaders. As a team, we are excited and expect tremendous pastoral growth within our Region as implementation begins in the near future. The Regional Office is already planning towards a follow-up consultation at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) in the early part of 2005 when we will have with us all of our Tongaland workers for pastoral training as well as our Southern Africa base leaders (who will serve as workshop leaders). Post-Conference training will be sent out on a weekly basis from our Regional Office to further equip our leaders. I would like to take this opportunity to once again extend our heartfelt thanks to Fred & Fran Creighton for their most valuable input into our Region and our lives personally, and for their love and 'parental' concern for each of us in our team. We love you Uncle Fred and Aunt Fran!

    Brother Fred brought with him a 'Rahui Pole' which was an ancient symbol used by the Maori people of New Zealand. This Pole could be placed in the bush or on a path as a sign that 'the place' was set aside and under the complete ownership, protection and control of another, and used as a kind of 'boundary peg'. For those who attended our Regional "Beyond Acts 28" Conference, this 'Rahui Pole' has prophetic significance and was displayed throughout the Conference, signifying God's claim upon the lives of all present to be His servants and to commit themselves to the spread of the Gospel and the planting of New Testament Churches throughout Anglo Africa. Prophetically, this Rahui Pole declares Every Home for Christ Anglo Africa to be a people set aside for the Lord's purpose throughout the Region and that in the Spirit there is a 'Rahui' over them, warning the enemy of mankind that he must not trespass into the Lord's possession, and that our Region accepts with renewed commitment the vital mission that is ours to conserve and walk according to the truths of God's Word. At the end of our Conference, brother Fred Creighton presented this Rahui Pole to me as the Regional Director of our Region and it will displayed in our Regional Office as a constant reminder of our commitment and passion to reach every home in Africa.
  • We were privileged to have with us Tom Doyle and Mike Greenberg from Evangecube (USA). Our team have now been trained to be 'trainers' of others in the use of this anointed and most effective evangelism tool and each leader returned to their nation with a stock of cubes to begin implementation and training their focus leaders and workers. Our Region's partnership with Evangecube is right now in the process of being developed further. Thank you to the Evangecube team for impacting our Region and 'for bringing to the table' your vision and strategy - we count it a privilege to 'partner' with your ministry in reaching every home with a clear Gospel presentation, using the 'evangecube'!
  • Our leaders had an opportunity at our Conference to have a medical examination and were issued with medication as advised by Dr Leon Nel. Thank you Dr Leon to you and your wife for being part of our team and for your commitment to our Region. You are appreciated.

As a whole, Anglo Africa has been challenged to 'fish' more effectively and to implement all that was 'birthed' at this life-changing event. Please pray for us as we embark on the many new developments and training received by excellent facilitators as they shared with us throughout our Conference. Our Anglo Africa team's decision-making and planning have most definitely been raised to a higher level - our objectives are clearly defined and our goals are specific!

Comments about our Conference from participants:

"This is a new beginning in our Region and also an addition to what we already had - expansion is taking place"
"I am about to fly"
"I have new vision and cannot wait to deliver"
"Transformation has taken place and I have been grounded"
"Thank you for this blessing; this has been the best Conference I have attended and I will implement it all. Thank you to Hennie Hanekom"
"Here comes God's warriors "
"Thank you very much, this has built capacity"
"Muito Obrigado" - thank you very much!"
"This region is equipped; it is not just a knock-and-drop organization"
"We have been holistically empowered and are ready to fly"
"Anglo Africa is moving into a discipleship cycle now that is exciting"
"I see the future a lot clearer than before"
"Glory to God for this strategic partnership with EHC Anglo Africa, for the fulfilment of the Great Commission"
"This Conference has been most exciting, with eternal value"
"With reliable men, we will see what God can do! The Train and Multiply was a highlight"
"This event has birthed a new road map for me and a new vision for Africa"
"I have new vision, value and vigor"

From the above feedback, it's evident that each person who is part of our Anglo Africa team are "in tune" with each other, making (playing) a 'sweet melody' before the Lord - a team unified, in harmony with each other, all reading from the same 'song sheet' and sensitive to the leading of the Conductor (our Lord Jesus Christ).

Note of thanks to Richard Davis for the study Bibles sent from the USA as a special gift for our leaders. This was received with such joy and on behalf of our Anglo Africa leaders we say, "thank you Richard and Linda".


Birthday Greetings for August 2004
Ursula de Villiers (Namibia) - 7th Julio Mutemba (Mozambique) - 11th George Dlamini (Swaziland) - 15th

We praise God that during the month of July our teams were able to distribute 89,151 pieces of Gospel literature to 43,163 homes within our Region! This resulted in 35,926 people accepting the Lord as their personal Saviour and we give God all the glory! As a result of our activities this month, 68 Christ Groups were formed. We salute our National Leaders, Focus leaders and workers (4,450 pioneer missionaries) who were actively involved during the month) for their tremendous efforts in sharing a Gospel piece and/or Heart of Man presentation with these thousands of people!


To our International Leadership, co-workers, prayer and financial partners, friends and family - "thank you for your spirit of partnership and your loyalty. Each of you are instrumental in facilitating this process in Africa. It continues to amaze the Regional Office as we look at the vast amount of gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed you with and what you are so readily 'bringing to the table' to assist us with the task at hand and helping us to achieve our overall objectives and further develop our master plan. You are ALL a valuable part of our team!" Hennie and the Regional Team