"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - October 2002

"God desires to bless us and puts premium value on His relationship with us"

Greetings to our leaders, pioneer missionaries, workers, supporters, friends and family world-wide!

Adriana and I praise God for the privilege we had of attending the international meetings in Colorado Springs, USA during September and for His hand of protection over us while we were away. The meetings were most successful and much was accomplished during my time away.

I represented our whole Anglo Africa Region at the meetings, and had the opportunity to share my report with the EHC international leadership and other regional directors. Part of my presentation was our Harvest report (see below) from January - August 2002 (our latest verified reports) in terms of how many homes were reached, literature distributed, responses etc, through more than 10,000 pioneer missionaries who worked diligently and remained focused in getting the Gospel to even the most remote village in their area. I also highlighted our focus of mobilizing local "Africa" churches in the vision of taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the furthest village and person in our nations that have not been reached yet.

Herewith is a word from Steve Prensner, the EHCI Executive Vice President, especially for our Anglo Africa team:

"Dear Hennie and the entire Anglo Africa Team,

As the Apostle Paul said in his greeting to the Galatians, "All the brothers and sisters here join me in sending greetings to the churches of Anglo Africa. May grace and peace be yours from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ."

What a delight and blessing it was at our recent worldwide conference to hear of the powerful and almighty work of Jesus in this region. Hennie shared how the Lord is doing a powerful work and we are rejoicing with you. It is amazing how the Lord is enabling you to reach over 200,000 homes per month with the Gospel ... with over 77,000 responding to the Gospel ... and over 200 Christ Groups started in a single month ... churches getting involved ... wow! It truly sounds like the book of Acts being lived out! All praise, honor and glory to the Lord God Almighty.

It is truly exciting to see how the Lord is using your ministry so powerfully. May you continue to seek for all that He wants to do, and may the Lord continue to use you, Hennie, as you lead people into the Promised Land. As the children of Israel prepared to cross the Jordan to go into the promised land, Moses reminded them how the Lord wanted them all to follow Him, FULLY. May we all follow the Master, FULLY, in seeing every home in Africa and all the earth reached with the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus! Hallelujah!

Your partner in this vision,
Steve Prensner - Executive Vice President


The recent USA team who came out during August and joined our SA team in Swaziland (as well as Mozambique) for a three-day Pastor's conference in Mbabane (the capital of Swaziland), where key pastors received dynamic teaching and training, has resulted in the forming of a Steering Committee and the involvement in our Anglo Africa program of all the key churches and leaders throughout the nation. These leaders and churches are the 'core group' of the nation, representing all the different districts of Swaziland! We held a follow-up meeting on the 5 & 6 September where we had 90 key pastors together again and can report that they have taken up the EHC vision and have together pledged 1,006 workers (pioneer missionaries) that will receive training and be sent out.

Evangelizing Africa nations lies in the hands of the local churches and we thank the Lord for the ability He has given us to mobilize these churches and 'bring them on board' to partnership with us in reaching their nations. Through mobilizing these churches, we are seeing thousands of workers being "fanned and spread out" into the fields which are ripe for harvesting.

During my presentation in Colorado Springs, I also focused on the tremendous tools God has entrusted to us as well as the equipping of our key EHC leaders in all of our 28 English and Portuguese speaking nations, and also included our "2010" Vision. Our desire is that all the churches and leaders would come 'alongside' of us and work with us to fulfill this task. This is just a little to "chew on and digest" and for each leader to begin planning goals and targets.

Our "2010" Target
1 January 2003 - 31 December 2010

159,000,000 people and
33,125,000 homes
Gives us 8 years/96 months

To reach
4,140,625 homes per year
345,052 homes per month
11,502 homes per day

Matt. 9:37-38: "Then He said to His disciples, The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few. So pray to the Lord of the harvest to force out and thrust out laborers into His harvest" (Amp. Bible).

Please pray with and for us towards achieving this goal!

Literature Distributed: 1,086, 405
Number of Homes Reached: 903,796
Number of People Reached with the Gospel: 4,472,367 (ave. of 4.8 per home)
Responses: 453,477
Christ Groups Formed: 1,807
Workers/Pioneer Missionaries: Average of 10,789 per month

Literature Distributed: 231,118
Number of Homes Reached: 233,063
Number of People Reached with the Gospel: 1,118,702 (233,063 x 4.8)
Responses: 80,137
Christ Groups Formed: 280
Workers (Pioneer Missionaries) Involved: 9,769

WITH GOD all things are possible! And in saying that , I would like to share with you a word from one of our dear friends in Anglo Africa (John Higgens) which he sent us concerning faith: "Faith is a forward focus on God, His Word and His promises. But faith also looks back at the blessings of God to gain strength. Faith allows us to flee confidently to God when in trouble and to abide in Him for protection. Hebrews 4:2 (Amp. Bible) .... "Faith (that is, with the leaning of the entire personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom and goodness).

This has been awarded to Bruno, one of our focus leaders in Northern Malawi and also the administrator for our National Leader in that nation, Simon Msowoya. Bruno is a journalist by profession, and we thank the Lord for this committed and zealous brother who has felt the call of God on his life to use his talents for the Kingdom. Congratulations Bruno!

Birthdays: Fredrick Chewe (Focus leader - Zambia) - 1st & Francis Mabinda (Focus Leader - Zambia) - 8th

Note from Nicky (Communications, Regional Office) - thank you to everyone who so faithfully prayed for Jerry (my husband) to find employment in Pretoria. He started his new position as an Estate Manager on the 1st October. To God be the glory!

Zimbabwe: Cleopas Chitapa reported: A joint operation by EHC and the Navigators at the University of Zimbabwe saw 64 students giving their lives to Jesus on campus during the month of September. Praise the Lord! Please pray for Cleopas as he leaves for the USA on the 4 October where he will be sharing our vision in Memphis Tennessee and also attending a conference.

Zambia: We continue to give God all the glory for the responses from the Jesus Film Showings in our project areas. One of our ministry partners from Pretoria SA, Johan Beukman (Jesus Loves You Ministries) held five Jesus Film rallies where 1,250 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Thank you Johan for your partnership with EHC in reaching Zambia for the Kingdom. We extend our thanks to Bertus Kasselman who donated bicycles to some of our men to facilitate their travel needs.

To close, I would like to include a testimony we received from a dear friend in Memphis Tennessee, Farrell Evans, who was one of the US team members who visited our region in August. I quote: "The most rewarding thing to happen on the mission trip to South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique was when Daniel and I presented the Gospel using the 'Heart of Man' chart in the round hut in the small compound and all 15 people accepted the Lord. I was overwhelmed later when I was told the round hut was the "witch hut" and the old lady was the witch. Praise the Lord!"

And we as the Anglo Africa Regional team, along with all who receive this newsletter, rejoice along with the angels in heaven over this lost soul who has come to a saving knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Hennie Hanekom