"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - October 2004

To our worldwide co-workers, friends and family …. Warm AFRICA greetings!

It is with much excitement that we share with you about the developments that have come to the fore as a result of our August Regional Leaders Conference. We have come to a place that we have had to extend our Regional Ministry Base (Regional Office), and God has blessed us with some new 'key executive personnel'. After a most strategic meeting on October 2 where we had in attendance our core leadership team, we worked through our 5-fold thrust (which represents the full scope of our ministry in Anglo Africa) and looked at our approach far more comprehensively. There is no doubt that our Regional Office needs immediate broadening to accommodate our full vision and focus i.e. front-line evangelism, discipleship, pastoral training, church planting, and leadership development. With the integration of our tools and partner ministries moving at the pace they are, 'strengthening' of our Regional Team is a high priority, especially in terms of staff. The core business of our new staff members is the implementation of our Anglo Africa program as well as the development of our 'Resource Centre' (which will focus on the development of all our tools and materials needed to accomplish our objectives).

We will share with you more fully (on a personal basis) in our next Newsletter about these new key personnel, but would like to this month just briefly introduce them to you.

Chevian Breedt - will be strategically involved as 'Strategy Coordinator', as well as having a focus on the 'Horn of Africa' (our point person) and some of the sensitive nations we are working in.
Hermann Smit - will be involved with the management of our 'Resource Centre' and 'Communications'.
André Swart - was previously only involved on a part time basis, but will now be part of our team as an 'Implementation Officer' within our Southern Africa nations.

Additional information about where these three brothers are from and their passion for what we are busy with will follow in upcoming communications. In the mean time, please pray for them as they create their 'niche' (position and responsibilities) within our Regional Team. To have people of such high calibre within our ranks is 'a dream come true'.

As from January 2005, Nicky's job profile will also be changing direction. She will focus her attention primarily on our Train and Multiply Program and the EvangeCube. It has been her passion for some time now to become more involved in these new developments and to work more closely with key partner ministries. I will need to appoint a new personal assistant/secretary; please would you join us in prayer that the Lord would guide us in this appointment.

In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have ….. is the ability to take on responsibility.
Michael Korda


Then also, another development is to 'up grade' all our communications (including our monthly Newsletter) that will be 'flowing out' of our Regional Ministry Centre. A brand new addition to our communications 'arsenal' will be our "In Touch" publication that will be compiled by Hermann Smit (he will also assume the role as Editor). This communication will include various expert columnists and will focus on capacitating and equipping our men physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is a need that was expressed at our August Conference. Added to this, we are working on reviving our 'Beyond Acts' quarterly publication, in which we will be sharing the most exciting stories about what God is doing. The basis of these various communications ("telling our Anglo Africa story') is to raise the necessary prayer awareness and financial support needed. Our desire is see a monthly Prayer Journal sent out to our worldwide constituency, to raise prayer on a daily basis in terms of what we are involved with.

EvangeCube Update received from our Madagascar Leaders, Dries and Valerie du Plessis (this is as a result of the Evangecube training received at our August Leaders Conference):
"We are very glad that the folk from EvangeCube came to share with us at the Conference. We believe it is a powerful evangelical tool. It is a tool that can be used in any language and dialect to any people over the world. It is also very effective and powerful when presenting the Gospel to illiterate folk. We have demonstrated this to various people as well as pioneer missionaries and they are waiting in expectancy for Cubes to arrive. It would be wonderful to give each pioneer missionary an EvangeCube as well as to the evangelists who will run with the vision".

EvangeCube say "One Billion ….. one at a time"

This evangelism tool is dynamic! It is a powerful, visual tool that unfolds the Gospel story in pictures, and comes along with discipleship material. God has anointed the design and use of this tool to clearly and effectively tell "His story" - and we as a ministry have the privilege of partnering with EvangeCube in reaching every home/person in our Region.

If you feel led of the Holy Spirit to assist our Regional Office in obtaining an EvangeCube for each of our Anglo Africa pioneer missionaries, please communicate with our office. One of our goals is to 'equip' our teams with the best possible tools and training 'to get the job done' (the Great Commission)

# Hennie Hanekom and Chevian Breedt - visiting Nairobi, Kenya (7 - 11 October) with the purpose of meeting with our East Africa Leader, Nicholas Mulea, to plan and strategize in terms of our East Africa focus. At this same time we will also oversee the purchase of the best possible vehicle for Nicholas to enable him to be as mobile as possible as he travels throughout the 3 nations he is responsible for i.e. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. This is as a result of our East Africa Donor Trip that took place in September, 2003.

Special word of thanks:
To Pastor Bobby Scobey and Cornerstone Church (Memphis, Tennessee) for their financial gift that has enabled us to purchase a vehicle for Nicholas Mulea. Thank you for continued prayer and financial support to our Region - you are such dear friends of our ministry and key partners in all that we are doing!

# A trip to the Nation of Sand (24 - 31 October). Please pray for Hennie and the team who will be joining him (Chevian Breedt, Norman Johnson and Ken Jenkins). Their priority will be to launch our EHC Anglo Africa initiative amongst the 'Bean' people group.

Praise item:
Our work in the Tete province of this nation is gaining momentum and now has the support of the local chiefs and government. The chief of the Tsangano district was touched by the Gospel presentation as shared by one of our pioneer missionary teams and he has invited EHC to come to this district again; he has said that he would summon all the villagers to hear the Word. The chief of Moatize testified that before EHC reached his area, he had many problems ruling the people there, but after the EHC outreach his people have completely changed!


Birthday Greetings for August 2004
Frederick Chewe - Focus Leader, Zambia (1st October)

Pieces of Literature distributed 54,766
Homes Reached 33,351
Responses to the Gospel (Salvations) 16,844
Christ Groups formed 71
Pioneer Missionaries active during August 3,320


In closing, I would like to 'salute' those who have joined our EHC Anglo Africa ranks, and thank the Lord for the dependable team members who have a passion to join with us in reaching Africa; their expertise is valuable to us and part of what makes us a 'winning team'! Hennie and the Regional Team