"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - November 2002

"Religion may inform and reform, but only Christ can transform!"

Greetings to our Leaders, Pioneer Missionaries, Workers, Supporters, Friends and EHC family!

I am amazed at the speed at which the days are passing, especially this time of the year when there is so much to be done in the last few weeks before our Regional Office closes for the Christmas holidays! The great thing in all of this is that we are confident of the fact that we are moving in the right direction within our Anglo Africa region, and we continue to give God our ambitions and dreams, trusting Him with the outcome. Psalm 121:3 "He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber."

Please take note:- The Anglo Africa Regional Office will close on Friday the 13 December 2002, and we will return on 3 January, 2003! For this reason we request that all our leaders ensure that their November monthly reports are submitted to the regional office no later than the 3 December 2002 to enable us to process them in good time. We ask that you make every effort to assist us with this.

I know that our whole team will join in with me in saying that we are committed to maintain our determination to do what God wants us to do, in spite of the challenges we are facing. We see in the life of Nehemiah, a man filled with 'vision' and 'commitment' to get the job done! And our task of reaching "every home" with the Gospel seems great, but God is far greater. He will fulfill our needs to enable us to do our part in fulfilling the world's needs!

The Spirit Filled Bible, in the introduction to the Book of Nehemiah, says:
To lead His people, God chose a man whose heart was right and who had clear perspective on the issues, placed him in the right place at the right time, equipped him with His Spirit, and sent him forth to do exploits.
Lasting principles stand out in this Book regarding leadership:
  • COMPASSION - is often the springboard of obedience to God's will
  • COOPERATION - with others is required to carry out God's will
  • CONFIDENCE - results from fervent prayer and the exposition of the Word of God, which reveals God's will
  • COURAGE - will manifest itself as sanctified tenacity in refusing to compromise on the conviction that one is doing God's will.
The pattern is consistent in that it is the Spirit of God who works to make us all that God desires us to be! Nehemiah 2:18 states: "And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me".

The world has yet to see what God will do through YOU and ME!

A word from Dr Dick Eastman, EHC International President:
"What a joy it is to hear of the remarkable progress being made in Anglo Africa recently under the leadership of Hennie Hanekom and all our national and zonal leaders, as well as our faithful pioneer missionaries. More people have come to Christ in Anglo Africa in the past nine months that at any time in EHC's history for the region. It was especially thrilling to hear that 200,000 new families were reached in a single month (July 2002), which is also a record for the region. This is truly a season of great harvest in Anglo Africa and I encourage all our friends and workers to continue faithfully serving our Lord as we seek to reach the last home in all of Anglo Africa with the Gospel."


"I stay with God and take heart. I will not quit!" (Ps. 27:14 - The Message)

Literature Distributed: 114,939
Number of Homes Reached: 112,257
Number of People Reached with the Gospel: 538,833 ( 112,257 x 4.8 ave. people per home)
Responses: 72,219
Christ Groups Formed: 249
Workers/Pioneer Missionaries: 9,729

This has been awarded to Pastor Nicholas Mulea, our National Leader in Kenya who also oversees our activities in Tanzania and Uganda. Thank you Nicholas and team, for your continued steadfastness in reaching your East Africa zone to ensure that every home's inhabitants have the opportunity to hear about their Redeemer!

Birthdays: Albert Muleya - Focus Leader, Zambia - 12th and Pete Simonis - 27th.

Strategic Meeting - Anglo Africa Region: Please pray for our Regional Team as well as our Southern and East Africa Leaders who will be meeting from the 25 - 29 November in Pretoria, South Africa. Our desire is to have a similar meeting in West Africa early in 2003, with the same focus and goals to encourage, empower and feed into the lives of our West Africa team.

Testimony from Sydney Thomas, National Leader in Liberia: We quote Sydney's most recent Publications Report "EHC volunteer, Tenneh, testifies of how God saved Rev. Augustus B King, the assistant pastor of Mount Zion Christian Church in Cotton Tree, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. She explained that during a quarterly outreach to the area they were led to enter the Church compound to present the Gospel. "Why should we go and preach in a Church compound; the occupants should be Christians!" they thought. But the Spirit of God continued to impress upon their hearts to proceed into the compound and share the Gospel using the "Heart of Man" chart. After they had ministered the Word of God, they gave an altar call, and all 9 people, including Pastor Augustus King who had been the assistant pastor for over 5 years of the Church, gave their lives to Jesus." Isn't this wonderful?

As the Regional Office team, we are so excited as we see God's plans for Anglo Africa progressively unfolding within each of our lives and ministry. We remain committed to our goal, for we know it's implications are eternal and that our mission is founded in God's commission!

Hennie Hanekom