"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - NOVEMBER 2004

Greetings from the desk of Hennie Hanekom! The month behind us has been so exciting - see further in this report about our visits to the Nation of Sand as well as East and Central Africa. Nation of Sand - On Monday November 01 I returned to the office from a fact-finding trip to the Nation of Sand (one of our most sensitive north Africa nations). Chévian accompanied me, (along with a team from SSNETWORK and others from a SA local church) from the 24-31 October, to hold intense strategy planning meetings throughout the week in terms of the new thrust to reach this nation, in particular the 'Bean' people group (this is not their actual name, but used only for communication purposes due to the sensitivity of our program). We were able to on this trip visit all our ministry partners as well as the recording studio, where we finalized our program and strategy. Just a few days ago we received in our Regional Office an update on this nation about the violence that has escalated in the D…….. Region, where foreign aid agencies are finding it impossible to take food and water to refugees. Many of these people have given up the possibility of every returning to their rural homes and their future looks bleak with crops and livestock, their only source of livelihood that have been ruined or stolen. It is estimated that 2 million people in this country will starve to death this year unless they receive food aid. Statistics and information such as the above 'drives' our Regional Team to move 'faster' with numerous new developments within this nation.


In our October newsletter we introduced you (by name only) to the new key personnel who are now part of our team. We would like to in this edition give you the opportunity to 'get to know' these two brothers on a more personal level. See below a short paragraph about their areas of expertise. Chévian Breedt-acclaimed mission strategist who commenced his missions calling with a four-year church planting period in Russia. During this era, he had the opportunity to accompany various groups of emigrating Jews to Israel, giving him ample opportunity to lead many migrants to Jesus. Several of these went through the horrific experience of the Holocaust. Due to his successful strategy of church planting combined with the initiation of schools of ministry, Chévian rapidly earned an international repute throughout Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Africa. Not only is he renown for his teaching on mission mobilization strategies, he also has a passion and gift for mastering languages. He learned to read, write and speak the Russian language in less than a year and is able to converse in Arabic, Hebrew, Norwegian and French. Until 1996 Chévian worked for a large research organization in SA as an IT software developer cum system integrator. Added to his IT qualifications and expertise, he has successfully completed various ministry qualifications and courses to more than adequately equip himself according to the calling the Lord has placed in his heart. Hermann Smit- has been involved in mobilizing prayer since 1997 with a strong focus on evangelism and revival. During 1999 he joined Jericho Walls International, an interdenominational prayer ministry under the leadership of Dr Bennie Mostert. Apart from leading and participation in various national and continental prayer initiatives, he was the editor of the daily prayer guide, 'Pray Today' and the internal prayer letter for the International Prayer Council, providing 700+ international leaders with weekly prayer concerns. As a result of his focus to mobilize and equip believers throughout the continent of Africa to reach out and evangelise the lost, Hermann is a noted student on various educational topics. At home he has planted a church amongst the local African people and is actively involved in humanitarian and community upliftment programs. Previously Hermann successfully held different management positions including financial and administrative posts. In the early nineties he erected an IT hardware and support concern from the ground, to a successful concern in 2000. Hermann is married to Wilma and they have 3 children.

REPORT RECEIVED FROM EHC SOUTH AFRICA Pieter Brits, one of the Campus Crusade Coordinators reported on numerous attacks on him and his team before and during one of their outreaches. Barry Smith was attacked at home a day before the outreach and saturated with fuel, but praise God he was not set alight. A kombi that the outreach team borrowed was stolen just prior to the outreach. A robbery attempt was made on another outreach vehicle, but was unsuccessful. Sarel Swanepoel also experienced an attempted hijacking while he and his wife were travelling one night. Please pray for the safety of all missionaries and their possessions.


Prayer and praise items/REGIONAL UPDATE

Birthday Greetings for November 2004
Pastor Albert Muleya, November 12th

Mozambique - Julio Mutemba (our National Leader) is working towards getting a piece of land (at no cost to our ministry) from the Government for the development of an EHC office and training center in Maputo, Mozambique. He has submitted a proposal and we ask that you join us in prayer for this piece of land and also the funds needed to set up this infrastructure. Julio praises the Lord for all those dear people who support him (prayers and financially) and his Mozambique team, and he extends a special thank you to the 'Feed 5000' partners.

Malawi - Hennie and Chévian will be visiting Mzuzu, Malawi from November 7-13 to purchase and distribute seed, fertilizer and inputs for the next year's activities for the Food Security Project. We praise the Lord that 300 Christ Groups have been formed amongst all the farmers (approx. 1500) who are part of this project! Please pray for Hennie and Chévian who along with Simon Msowoya (Malawi Leader) for wisdom as they meet with the beneficiaries of these items and plan for the year ahead. They will also meet with all our Focus Leaders coming from all over Malawi, Southern Tanzania, Eastern Zambia and Northern Mozambique. These geographical areas for the Hub/Zone that Simon Msowoya are responsible for. We will also visit the Bible School situated between Mzuzu (our main base) and the Malawi lake town called Nkhata Bay, to meet with Peet and Heila Erasmus who want to hand over the reigns of this Bible School (a beautiful facility) to us and for them to move on and establish a similar Bible School (training facility) for and with us in Masailand, Kenya. This trip (7-13th) will also take us to Southern Tanzania to meet with and encourage all of our workers under the leadership of brother Michael Mwalusako, who is working throughout Southern Tanzania.
Please pray for our EHC initiative to establish Bible/Discipleship Schools throughout our Region to cater for the growing need we are experiencing for training and equipping the tens of thousands of African pastors we are working with. I would like to cover this need for training in a future Newsletter more adequately.


ZAMBIA: Gwembe valley, food security project - The launching of this project in partnership with EHC Australia and the Australian Government has now become a reality! I will soon be visiting the Gwembe Valley to meet with Cleopas Chitapa (our Leader who overseas our great work amongst the Tonga people in the Gwembe Valley in Zambia and Tongaland in Zimbabwe). This is the area where we had an American team with us in June this year. The Regional Office is planning a major training consultation in Binga (our main base) in March 2005 with brother Fred Creighton (Train & Multiply), the EvangeCube team from the US, and a group of US supporters. Please already begin praying for us as we plan towards this event, that God would supply us with all that is needed to make this consultation a resounding success.

Rwanda and Burundi - We are in the process of putting up a base in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) . We have a few weeks ago sent a South Africa missionary with a passion for Rwanda, Dr Sophia du Preez Swart to Kigali. She is working in close relationship with the key leaders we have identified and a Strategy Committee have been appointed and will have ongoing meetings throughout November (this month) with the main focus of identifying the key leaders in these nations. A 'full out' training will take place in mid January, 2005. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we make inroads into these two nations.

EAST AFRICA ZONE - Chévian and I had a most successful and exciting trip to this zone in our Region. Our team for this Hub, under the capable leadership of Nicholas Mulea, has worked on a great plan of action on how to expand our activities throughout Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We also had the opportunity to purchase a brand new Toyota 4x4 for our East Africa Base, which will enable Nicholas to be fully mobile throughout his nations (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). Ethiopia - Our newly appointed leader for this nation, Brother Binyam Aschalew, will be visiting our Regional Office in Centurion SA towards the middle of November to undergo training. Please join us in prayer for the next training consultation in this nation (in the Benishangul-Gumuz province), in partnership with the Blair Foundation (Training Sessions will take place from the 3 - 6 December). Various key speakers will be facilitating this process; Chévian and brother Binyam will be representing me at this event. We are expecting 1,000 missionaries to participate in this training. The president of this province has become a good friend of our ministry and has personally invited (actually pleaded) with EHC Anglo Africa to train all of these key leaders in our vision and home-to-home strategy. Please join us in prayer for all of the training materials that need to be developed (for evangelism, discipleship, church planting, pastoral training) for this province.


EvangeCube say "One Billion ….. one at a time"
EvangeCube testimony from EHC Nambia
"Driving back from the EHC Anglo Africa August Conference, we crossed a few border posts. At the one post they asked us to open the trailer (which was full of stuff that we got and bought in SA). They started asking us to open this box and that box, and then they saw the bag with the EvangeCubes. The officer asked me "What is that?" I saw the opportunity and quickly unpacked one of the Cubes. As I explained what it is, opening the different pictures and how we are going to use it with the Himba people, another officer also joined and listened. They were very impressed and forgot why we actually opened the trailer. They wished us a good journey and we were off without further problems! The next Sunday at Church, Fanny Kavair (one of our team members who were with us at the August Conference) gave his report on the SA trip and said: "Now I see that these Cubes have power!"

There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching DOWN and lifting someone UP!

Till next time,
Hennie and the Regional Team