"GRACEVINE" Newsletter - December 2003

As the Regional team, we thank the Lord for the gifted and committed team of co-workers, supporters, and prayer partners who believe in what they are doing for the Kingdom. I am so thankful for the precious friends God has blessed us with, who are eager to share their gifts with the Anglo Africa region enabling us to be more effective in what God has called us to do.

The Anglo Africa Regional Office will be closed from Monday 15 December to Monday 05 January 2004.

SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS from the Regional Office team and our Madagascar Leaders, Dries & Valerie du Plessis
We extend our sincere appreciation to brother Charley Rosencrans (USA) who recently blessed our ministry with the required funds to purchase a RISO printing press for our Madagascar operations. This has come at such a strategic time and we thank the Lord for His provision through the obedience of our dear friend and partner, brother Charley. We shared this scripture with Charley when we communicated with him; "If they (the righteous) obey and serve him (God), they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasure" (Job. 36:11). May your days be filled with pleasure and rejoicing in the Lord, brother Charley - Madagascar will be saved!

Kansas City (USA), Hong Kong & Ethiopia - in just over 3 weeks….
November was an awesome month - one of my busiest ever as I had the opportunity to do a round-the-world trip! My first meeting was with the Foundation in Kansas City in the US, on behalf of one of our Horn of Africa sponsorships.

God gave me tremendous favor and I would like to ask all of our prayer supporters to pray for us in terms of the outcome of this meeting. I left directly from the US for Hong Kong to attend our EHC International Leadership meetings; these meetings were indeed 'ground-breaking' in terms of developing our ministry leadership structure. I would like to take this opportunity to salute our International Leadership and we sense (it is actually clearly evident) that we are on the brink of a 'new day' and 'new dispensation' within our worldwide ministry. I especially thank the Lord for the role our Anglo Africa Region plays within the worldwide EHC program.


I was only back in the office for two days and then left for an incredible, life-changing trip to Ethiopia where I had the opportunity to meet with the most strategic and important Christian and Church leaders, with a view to expanding our activities in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa. I have never experienced a trip such as this before, where I made such 'divine connections'. Planning towards this trip actually started in July/August of this year at the dedication of the Jericho Centre (our new EHC International Head Quarters for Global Evangelism). At this occasion I met with Dr Charles Blair who has been a dear friend of EHCI since the time of Dr Jack McAllister. He is a senior Pastor and is the Founder/President of the Blair Foundation with years of evangelism training experience, who have a major focus on training Church leadership how to effectively take the Gospel to the local people in the nations in Africa the Foundation have adopted. Dr Blair invited me to join him at his November Training Conference. This conference was on the request of the President of one of the most remote and unreached regions in Ethiopia, the 'Benishangul-Gumuz' Region. The President of this region is a born-again man of God and he invited Dr Blair and his teams to come do training for missionaries and pastors with a view of reaching this entire particular region, which borders on the nation of Sudan. Eric Leach (our EHC Australia Director) also asked me to visit Ethiopia, as a key Ethiopian brother who now lives in Australia would be in Addis Ababa at that very same time.

On my arrival in Addis Ababa I was met by the Australian brother (Brother Setotaw) and one of the key Christian leaders who used to be a minister in the national government, Dr Negussie Terrera, who was my host for the duration of my stay. My schedule was filled with meetings with "key" Christian leaders amongst others, the General Secretary and also the Assistant General Secretary of the "Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia" who represents the 10.5 million Christians and the 13,000 congregations of all the Evangelicals in Ethiopia! I also met with our EHC Ethiopia Board and leadership as well as with a delegation of the largest single Church, the Kale-Heywet Church who just recently celebrated their 75th anniversary - they have 4 million active members and 5,000 churches. I also had the privilege to have met a man of God who lives in Denver Colorado, who represents all the Evangelical Ethiopian Christians in the USA (Dr Aberra Getahun) - almost 1 million Ethiopian's now live in the US and Canada.

Dr Charles Blair's Training Conference was a resounding success and his associate, Keith Strawn (Director of Foreign Missions for the Blair Foundation) shared the following with me in a recent email, and I quote: "The training was fantastic, with 394 missionaries present, sent by 9 different denominations. The president of the Benishangul-Gumuz Region dedicated a fair amount of time to meeting with us and even escorted us to the Sudanese Refugee Camp of over 10,000 people, and a day trip to Kamashi, a smaller rural town that is much underdeveloped. In addition to this current thrust, we have over 100 other missionaries across the rest of Ethiopia."

Please pray with us, the Anglo Africa Regional team, for these doors of opportunity! Dr Aberra has invited me to have a major Ethiopia Conference early in 2004 (in the US) to discuss strategy and financial support to enlarge and accelerate our activities in Ethiopia - we need wisdom and guidance how to take all of the above to the next level.

East and Central Africa Opportunities:
In our previous Newsletter we shared about the tremendous opportunities coming to the fore in our East Africa nations and we don't want to miss even one single opportunity in our Region - we await the dawning of 2004 with excitement as we move forward in leaps and bounds to reach every village and home with a clear Gospel presentation!

Our Focus (5 Fold): Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, Pastoral Training and Leadership Development.


THANK YOU to Carol Fouse, (USA) our dear friend and partner who continues so faithfully to supply the Anglo Africa Regional Office with this anointed evangelism tool! (Gospel Bracelets) We appreciate you and your heart of Africa!

Refugee Camp Children receiving Gospel Bracelets
The EHC Anglo Africa Regional Office gave SSNETWORK (who we have formed a most strategic partnership with in reaching the Nation of Sand) 3,000 Gospel Bracelets. A team from SSNETWORK recently visited a Nation of Sand refugee camp in the north of Kenya. These Gospel bracelets (colored beads) have proved to be a valuable 'visual tool' in sharing the Gospel efficiently and quickly! Thank you SSNETWORK for your strategic partnership in reaching the millions who still need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in this North Africa sensitive nation!

Prison Testimony - South Africa (November 2003)
From a brother in the Kutama Sinthumule Maximum Security Prison:
"Every Home for Christ South Africa is part of a great change, causing lives of people to be changed in this prison. You have been very encouraging to me in the past two years. Did you know that as a result of your standing by me, Michael Ministries International was born?

I am praying on a daily basis for you and your families, that no weapon that is formed against you will prosper. May you and your families prosper for the Lord Himself is your shepherd."

Birthday Greetings for December
Thandi Meyer (Regional Office) - 8th
Michael French (Sierra Leonne) - 9th
Our Leader for the Nation of Sand - 25th
Nicky Foord (Regional Office) - 27th

Pieces of Gospel literature distributed 70,499
Number of homes reached 70,138
People reached with a clear Gospel presentation 350,690
Salvations (responses to the Gospel) 47,737
Number of Christ Groups formed 359
Volunteer workers (Pioneer Missionaries) 6,426

Congratulations to Pastor Josias Mohanoe (Focus Leader - Lesotho) who is awarded our book prize for October reporting. May you enjoy a fresh stirring in your heart and inspiration from the Spirit. Thank you Josias that you have a passion to fulfil God's purpose in Lesotho!


    In a recent publication received, it was report that the United Nations lists Lesotho at 31% for HIV/AIDS population, but it is possible that this number is higher. Please pray for the training and aids awareness programs already implemented in this nation. Our workers have a desperate need for Sesotho Bibles.
    Michael French reports on a continuous basis the extreme difficulties he is experiencing with transportation. He makes use of the public transportation system, which is virtually non-existent at times. Please pray with us for God's provision that would enable our brother to vastly improve mission outreaches to his various focus areas. Thank you for lifting up this prayer request with us - God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could imagine.
Hennie Hanekom and the Regional Office team