"Manna for Ministry" Communication - JANUARY 2003

Hello ... from the EHC Anglo Africa Office team!

This is our first "Manna for Ministry" for 2003 and as a team we asked the Lord what we could share with you at the start of a new year that would encourage you with the task ahead - to reach every inhabitant of every home within our region. One of our office staff is reading a book by the author Wesley L Duewel (the title is "Measure Your Life") and we felt that it would inspire you right now in the month of January to seek God's guidance that will enable you, as a leader, to become more strategic to bring transformation and salvation to your nation. The extract below is from chapter two in this anointed brother's book where he centers on your life being God's gift to you - and your life has far more potential that you ever realized!

We would also like to share a brief study with you - please open the attachment "THE CALL OF GOD" (from 'The Shepherd's Staff) - leaders, keep this on file to share with focus leaders, pioneer missionaries and workers when you next meet.

Be blessed with what Brother Wesley shares (if you can got a copy of this book I would encourage you to do so!)


"Occasionally God surprises us by letting us find out how He used some word we spoke or some action that we took years ago and perhaps forgot all about.

About a century ago Stephen Grellat was led one day to go out to a heavily forested area of America to preach. It was a strong inward compulsion of the Holy Spirit. When he arrived at the logger's camp, he found they had moved to another location, and their shanties were deserted. However, he was so sure he was sent by God that he went into an empty shanty and preached to the bare walls the sermon God had placed upon his heart. He then returned to his home. He could never understand why God would send him to preach to an empty shanty.

Many years later in England, as he walked across London bridge, a man grasped his arm. "I found you at last the man said. "I think you are mistaken," said Mr Grellat. "No. Didn't you preach in an empty shanty in the woods of America years ago?" "Yes," Mr Grellat admitted, "but no one was there."

"I was the foreman in charge of the loggers," the stranger explained. "We had moved to a new location before I realised I'd left one of my tools behind. I returned to get it and heard a voice in one of the shanties; I peeped through a crack between the logs and saw you. You never saw me, but I listened to the rest of your sermon. God touched my heart, and I became so convicted of my sin that after some time I purchased a Bible, repented of my sins, and became a Christian. Then I began to win my men to Christ. Your sermon has led at least a thousand people to Christ, and three of them have already become missionaries."


That is the kind of surprise that heaven will reveal again and again!"

Let's measure our lives (our ministry) by our vision, of how we can make each day count for God and eternity. Our prayer for you at this time from the regional office team is that God would give you 'eyes' to see opportunities you never saw before - get a new vision of how He can love His world through you.

"Your life will be no greater than your vision"

Special Request:
To our co-workers, supporters, partners and friends - please would you pray with and for us that God would grant us special wisdom and guidance from ABOVE as we venture into a greater/more focused humanitarian program. Our focus is not only to take the Gospel to the people of Africa; those who are avoided, neglected and unreached (this is indeed our core business/calling and responsibility), but also to be a channel of provision and 'touch' these people at their point of human (felt) needs. We have made ourselves available to "serve" as a channel. Pray that God grant us much favor with 'big guns' such as the International Monetary Fund and other such organizations.

If you would like to have more information and insight into this 'leg' of our region, we will supply you with this on request. Keep on praying for our staff and volunteers.

Bless you all - we love you dearly.
Hennie Hanekom and the Regional Office team