"Manna for Ministry" Communication - September 2002

Greetings from the Regional Office!

At the time of you receiving this month's "Manna for Ministry" communication, I am in the USA (our EHC International Office in Colorado Springs) attending our International Regional Director's meetings which began on the 16 September. This is such an exciting time as we have the opportunity to meet not only with the EHC International Office leadership and team, but also with the other Regional Directors from around the world! Praise God for this privilege that we have to plan, fellowship and pray for the world-wide family of EHC as we spend this time together.

Adriana and I arrived in the US on September 11th and had various speaking engagements in Memphis Tennessee. We had the privilege of sharing at churches and also with our supporters who are so faithfully supporting our work in the Anglo Africa Region. We were blessed to stay with our dear friends Farrell and Barbi Evans during our time in Memphis, which was a most wonderful experience for both of us.

We will be arriving back home in SA on the morning of the 25 September and I will at a later time communicate with our Anglo Africa team about the awesome 'things' God is doing world-wide through our ministry. I know you will be as excited as we are when you hear more about future plans etc.

I count it a blessing and an honor to be able to represent our Anglo Africa team at these meetings, and I salute each person in our team who has played a part this past year, in achieving what we have been able to. Most of all, we give God the praise and glory, and pray for His continued anointing for the task of leadership, and for the Holy Spirit to 'sweep' multitudes into the Kingdom through our vision and systematic evangelism strategy. May God's favor increase upon our work!


If you already have a copy, I would encourage you to pass this on.

"We are God's fellow workers ..." 1 Cor. 3:9

While praying for our Anglo Africa team in our Regional Office, we were again reminded by the Holy Spirit of how privileged we are to work alongside our National Leaders, Focus Leaders, Pioneer Missionaries and workers (along with our committed and faithful EHC colleagues, world-wide partners, supporters and friends), in fulfilling our vision of reaching every home. Each of us have different tasks to perform, and we need each other as we serve the Lord!

Effective 'teamwork' happens when each team member uses his or her special skills. It's then that each member's strengths will contribute something important to the team effort. In this way, members make up for one another's weaknesses!

Consider Aaron. He made a good team with Moses. He provided Moses with one skill Moses lacked - effective public speaking. But while Aaron was necessary to Moses, he needed Moses as well! Without a guide, Aaron had little direction of his own. There was never any doubt as to who God's chosen and trained leader was. Most people have more of the 'follower' than the 'leader' in them. They are very good followers, following very good leaders.

We need to be effective EHC team members and this involves us using our skills and abilities God has given us to our full potential. God gives each one of us special abilities, which He weaves together for His use. Loyalty is one of life's most costly qualities (see attachment)! Loyal people not only stand by their commitments, they are willing to suffer for them. Jonathan is a shining example of loyalty. He was loyal to King Saul because Saul was his father and king. He was loyal to David because David was his friend. And most important of all, his loyalty to God guided him through the conflicting demands of his human relationships. A good leader will always inspire the team to achieve beyond their goals and meet their true potential Even a small force of able, and loyal men or women, can accomplish great feats - when they are all following the 'Leader' and recognize God's leading in their lives. No one can lead us to excellence as our Creator can!

With God's presence in our lives, our natural strengths and abilities can be used to their greatest potential, and for the greatest good for the furtherance of our message of "good news" to the nations - complete dependence on God yields amazing results!

Thank you for being part of the Anglo-Africa team. May the Holy Spirit enhance your leadership abilities and team strategy with:

Wisdom - to fulfill His instructions
Understanding - to solve complex problems
Workmanship - the skill to accomplish the task with accuracy

Exodus 31:3 "And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship".

Hennie Hanekom and the Regional Team