Annual conference

EHC Anglo Africa Team. Taken at our Annual Regional Conference Held in Pretoria, South Africa February 2002


Hennie Hanekom, EHC's Anglo Africa Regional Director, reports:

Leaders from eighteen Africa countries - where Every Home for Christ is actively at work - came together in Pretoria during the first week of February to report on the great harvest of souls in their countries and to plan for greater fruitfulness.

God was in our midst. How do we know that? We know because of the love for one another.... and for HIM! We praised Him every day - and we had good reason to! During the past year we had the privilege to "taste and see that God is good" - through Every Home for Christ and related ministries - more than 400,000 of Africa's lost reached out to Jesus for salvation! We praise God for every soul saved and for every backslider who slid back to Jesus.

During the deliberations and celebrations, we honoured those who could not be there, but who helped us make this happen through their prayers, personal involvement and financial contributions. I want to thank you on behalf of all of us who are part of the Anglo Africa Region: Michael from Sierra Leone, Sydney from Liberia, Karl from Ghana, Timothy from Nigeria, Cleopas and his team from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, George from Swaziland, Robert, Josias and Simon from Lesotho, Pieter and Ursula from Namibia, Cor and Aléta from South Africa, Nicholas from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Pete representing Madagascar and Ethiopia, Julio and his team from Mozambique, our brother from Sudan as well as my staff and I in the Anglo Africa Regional Office.


During the Anglo Africa Conference we had the privilege of enjoying the presence of our guest speaker, Wes Wilson from the EHC International Office in Colorado Springs. What a blessing he was. Also from the USA was our dear friend Charlie Rosencrans, who brought across many blessed truths from his heart and his pen, all inspired by the Holy Spirit. Charlie personally recited - in 'rap' form - all his poems, lyrics, essays and personal testimony. A man from Liberia, who learned from Charlie how to 'rap' during the past year, has led more than 1,300 people to the Lord through this new evangelistic form of art. This is the kind of multiplication we are trusting God for in Africa this year. We want to work faster, but also deeper. Without the necessary spiritual depth in and through Jesus, there cannot be real disciple making. Without disciple making, there will be no real multiplication. During the report back from the different nations, we listened to some challenging experiences that some of our directors had to go through, which really touched our hearts:
  • We heard from Michael how his house was burnt down during the atrocious foreign invasion and civil upheaval in Sierra Leone. Sadly, Michael lost 5 of his family members during this war.... but there is forgiveness and hope. His wife and children fled into the mountains and were saved by the grace of God. Due to a lack of funds, his house has not been rebuilt yet.
  • Karl Menyah from Ghana told us how a whole village of witches in the north of his country was evangelized by an EHC team. Most of them were saved and must now be trained. A training centre will be built in the area.
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  • Pete Simonis reported on wonderful breakthroughs in Madagascar where EHC works together with churches and other strategic ministry partners. One group of enthusiastic young evangelists started 14 new churches in three months, in some very remote areas. In August of last year, 4,000 pastors and other leaders came together for further training in Tananarive, the capital city. These leaders vowed to help reach every home for Jesus on this island. They were so enthusiastic that they even promised to produce 400,000 hand written Gospel tracts for the first outreach thrust!
  • From every region encouraging reports told just one story: The Church of Jesus Christ is winning the battle for Africa by God's power and grace.
    The following testimony further illustrates this point:
  • In South Africa, the director and his wife were hijacked at gunpoint and lost their car. Although this happened two years ago, it is only now that the final chapter has been written: During that fearful night they could stand there praying: "Forgive us oh God! If we and others like us, had done a better job of evangelising, this would not have happened. May the man who waved the gun in our faces come face to face with Jesus and be saved!" A few months ago they received a letter from the prison where an EHC team distributed some "Help from Above" booklets. It was from a hijacker who had found Christ through our ministry, was gloriously saved and begged forgiveness from the one's he terrorised! This is what God can do - if we trust Him and do things His way. To God be all the glory!
Please stand with us again this year. Together we trust, obey and work together to see great harvests come in ..... and to reach the last home for Jesus.