ZIMBABWE "The Seed of the Word Never Fails"

Seed of the Word never fails"Do you know that I was saved 32 years ago through Every Home for Christ?" said Pastor Peter Dube, much to the surprise of EHC Director Cleopas Chitapa.

Cleopas was meeting with Pastor Dube to discuss Peter's partnership with EHC as a focus leader, when Peter asked, "Is Every Home for Christ the same as World Literature Crusade?" Of course, Cleopas explained. For more than 30 years the ministry went by that name. "His face was bright," recalled Cleopas. "He shifted in the car seat, shook his head and said, "Do you know that I was saved 32 years ago through Every Home for Christ?"

Cleopas was skeptical. "I still needed bona fide proof that this pastor was not pulling my leg! And I got it. As we got to his house, he went straight to his bedroom and returned holding a khaki envelope-there was my proof. Not only was he saved through EHC, but he even did a Bible correspondence course and kept the certificate safe." Peter was excited: "I'm so glad that, like the people I met 32 years ago who witnessed to me, it's now my turn to do the same."

Zimbabwe locals Cleopas copied Peter's certificate. "I hung it in my office as a souvenir to a legacy of more than three decades of fruitful evangelism in Zimbabwe. The seed of the Word never fails." Peter is senior pastor of a church of more than 600 members in Hwanke and is one of the key coordinators of the EHC outreach efforts among the Tonga and Ndebele people groups. "Today, Peter is championing church planting in more than 8 districts in his province," said Cleopas. "The results are beyond imagination. Saved through EHC and now he is serving under EHC. To God be the glory!"

How exciting to know that EHC's many years of evangelism efforts in Zimbabwe have resulted in such rewarding fruit in God's kingdom. Since EHC began its work in the nation, more than 158,600 people have responded to the Good News, including Pastor Dube!