hutDhimba houses in the Ozombu area. This is where Uatiza and Asser (two of the EHC pioneer missionaries) went by bicycle. They shared the Gospel from home to home, using the Heart of Man Charts. They also spend a lot of time with Petrus Muhoro whom they trained as a leader.
One night a women was brought to the house where Asser and Uatiza slept. Ozombu is about 100km (3 hours drive) north of Opuwo and there are no shops or hospitals.

This lady was sleeping in her hut and went out to relieve herself in the bush. On the way back home a snake bit her on her foot. She realized it is a poisonous snake and that she would probably die. Her only hope was to go to the Christians for prayer.

As Asser and Uatiza started praying for her they suddenly heard a noise and a witchdoctor appeared blowing his whistles and stamping his feet. He was not at all friendly and demanded to treat her (for pay). The lady, Tjiyapahe Ruhozu, by this time was not able to speak. She was foaming at the mouth and rolling around on the ground. Her family members were not sure what to do - some wanted to allow the witchdoctor to treat her. As soon as he touched her however she started making terrible loud noises. He blew so hard on his whistle that it broke. After this he left into the dark.

dhimbaAsser and Uatiza continued to pray for Tjiyapahe and she became quiet, but she still foamed at her mouth. They just kept on praying. Suddenly it happened again - the witchdoctor returned with a fixed whistle and came charging at the sick lady. As soon as he touched her she immediately started to shake and make the terrible noise again - and yes - the witchdoctor's whistle broke again!!

By that time Tjiyapahe's husband was tired of the witchdoctor and told him to stay away - his wife will be healed by the Christian's God. They all prayed together and in the early morning hours Tjiyapahe was healed. She and her family are now Christians and they personally know that they serve a powerful God.

Photo: Dhimba Christians at Ozombu with their Messenger Tape player.