The Story of EHC Anglo Africa's explosive impact on the lives of the Witches of Gambaga in the nation of Ghana!

Wow! From every nation where our EHC friends are sharing the Gospel home to home, we constantly bombarded with amazing stories of lives that have been touched and changed forever through Jesus Christ!

Every story of salvation is worthy of shouting from the roof-tops. But one particular story, from the African nation of Ghana, continues to fill our hearts with joy and our lips with praise! It is the story of EHC's explosive impact on the lives of the witches of Gambaga.
witches Gambaga is one of several villages in northern Ghana where women who have been branded as witches are forced to live. Sadly, many women who have been banished to the witches' villages are innocent victims of false accusations and tribal traditions that force them to flee or be killed!

A 24-year-old woman named Moire was driven from her home after one of the villagers had a dream that she was a witch and began spreading rumours. When her neighbours threatened to kill her, Moire fled to Gambaga. Moire denies that she is a witch. Other women in the witches' villages believe they became witches as a result of being cursed. Still others embrace witchcraft and try to use their demonic powers against their enemies.

Any way you look at it, the women who have found refuge in Gambaga are entangled in a desperate and demon-inspired effort to torment their lives and destroy their souls. BUT THEN JESUS BROKE THROUGH WITH THE BLINDING LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL!


In 2000, EHC's national director for Ghana, Karl Menyah, and our zonal director from South Africa, Pete Simonis, made a special journey to Gambaga and watched God work miracles! Amazingly, Pete and Karl received permission from the chief who protects the village to share the Gospel with the women. Pete immediately unrolled one of EHC's Heart of Man charts and began sharing the gospel through the many colourful illustrations which depict African animals and a man whose heart is in a tug-of-war battle with Satan and the Lord.

I can't describe what happened next better than Pete did when he first dispatched his report. This is inspiring:
There were 60 or 70 and they were all listening with rapt attention as if their very lives depended on what they were hearing, which was indeed the case!"

I watched in amazement as glimmers of hope began to creep into some of those gaunt, forlorn faces that just moments ago were still reflecting so clearly on an eternity of darkness. In front of me and slightly to the right was one witch who showed particular interest. Her eyes were riveted on me all through the presentation, and her hand was the first to go up when I asked who wanted to turn their backs on Satan and open their hearts to Jesus.

I looked to the left and also saw the leader of the witches put up her hand. There were many others. I made a quick count: ten, twenty, thirty, thirty-nine, forty! I prayed and they prayed out loud: "Father God. Thank you for today. Thank you for this wonderful message. Thank you for Jesus! I don't want to follow Satan any longer. I want to follow Jesus. Jesus, please forgive all my sins. Come into my heart. Take control of my life. Amen!"


Can you believe the miracle that God brought to the witches' village of Gambaga! Pete and Karl proclaimed that the women are no longer witches, but are now "switches," because they have switched their allegiance from Satan to our Saviour!

Several months later, Pete and Karl returned to Gambaga to minister to the women and see if they had remained strong in their faith. But when Pete and Karl arrived, no one was there. As the chief quickly explained, it was Sunday morning and about 70 of the women had scattered throughout the area to go to various churches where they had been welcomed since they accepted Christ!

What a story of salvation and transformation through the power of Christ's love! If the witches of Gambaga can be reached and won to Christ, what's to stop EHC workers from reaching every home in every village with the Good News?

There are other witches' villages to be reached with the Gospel, as well as hundreds of tribal villages where Jesus has never found a home in the hearts of the lost. As an EHC partner, when you pray and give, what happened in Gambaga is the wonderful result.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership with Every Home for Christ. With your help, we will reach the last home with the Gospel.

P.S. Karl Menyah in Ghana and our EHC directors throughout Anglo Africa are launching campaigns to take the Gospel to neglected tribal villages where there are few if any believers. Help them in their efforts to reach and win the lost to Christ by sending your gift today.