Every Home for Christ (EHC) Anglo Africa is one of the 10 regions of EHC international, having its Head Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Dr Dick Eastman is the International President and the Regional Director for Anglo Africa is Rev. Hennie Hanekom.


Serving the Church to reach every home in Africa with the Gospel.

Every Home for Christ exists to serve the Body of Christ in equipping and mobilizing believers everywhere to actively participate in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in the whole world, adding new believers as reproducing members of the Church to see the literal fulfillment of the Great Commission.

EHC's vision is to be a "servant ministry" thereby partnering with the Church worldwide, with its goal being "world evangelisation". Our specific focus is to reach every homes inhabitants with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of an organized, well-planned and systematic approach.

This program mobilizes local churches in every community to become involved in systematic home-to-home Gospel evangelism.

The Great Commission must be taken literally and reaching every home with a "printed" Gospel message is one of the most effective ways to fulfill Christ's Commission. For those people who are illiterate, Gospel messages are recorded on audio cassette tapes and we also have a most effective 'visual' presentation of the Gospel using the "Heart of Man" chart.


Our Anglo Africa team's passion is to see Africa, the so-called "Dark Continent" changed into the "Continent of Light". This will only take place when the nations of this continent embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His unconditional love for them.

This so called continent of darkness and death can become a continent of LIGHT and LIFE if those who are lost can be reached in time with the 'full Gospel' of Jesus Christ that culminates in a life changing relationship with Father God.

With God's help and guidance by the Holy Spirit, we train Christian leaders and then equip them to help fulfill the Great Commission through effective, systematic evangelism that reaches every home in nation after nation.

Never has the harvest been so ripe as it is today! Thousands upon thousands turn to Christ, but they need training to have a real, deep walk with God.

They need to hear
In order to understand
In order to change and
In order to LIVE the FULL Gospel.

Anglo Africa Region Team

EHC Anglo Africa works along side Churches, and other strategic partners forming alliances with them to accomplish our goal and passion.

In Africa's case, we trust God to enable us to change this DARK Africa into a continent ABLAZE with the Light and Life of Jesus Christ.