Dick Eastman
International President

Each day brings Christ's promise in Matthew 24:14 closer to fulfilment: "For this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come." In nation after nation, barriers to the spread of the Gospel are falling as believers step out in faith and challenge them within the Name of the Lord!

Today in Africa, the so-called "Dark Continent" is being transformed into a blazing beacon of light as the Gospel reaches every home in every town, city and isolated village. Individual believers are joining the ranks of EHC's growing army of Pioneer Missionaries-young men who are willing to risk their lives in taking the Gospel to nearly forgotten peoples who need to know Jesus. Whole congregations are also standing up and stepping out in faith to reach their own "Jerusalem" and beyond with the Good News.

Under the extraordinary leadership of Every Home for Christ's Regional Director in Anglo Africa, Hennie Hanekom, EHC's African advances have become models for our global outreach. A well-balanced emphasis on ministry networking, leadership training, evangelism, and discipleship have led to amazing results.

Nearly 20 million African households have been visited by EHC workers, resulting in more than 7.9 million responses. A rewarding 4,016 home fellowships called Christ Groups have also been planted in villages and among many people groups where no church had ever existed before.

Today, under the umbrella of EHC's Completing the Commission campaign, EHC's worldwide network of regional and national directors are mobilizing churches to help reach every family in every home on earth with the Gospel. Your prayers and support can help transform this vision into a reality in Africa and globally as we work together toward the fulfilment of the Great Commission.