Here's a little of what EHC is doing in Africa - along with many others - to turn this so called continent of darkness and death into a continent of LIGHT and LIFE!

This website serves as a 'window' on our work and focus. It can open a door of opportunity for your biggest investment ever .. into the future of a continent that is beginning to see the Light.

It is a privilege to share some of the wonderful prospects and opportunities for YOU to help us bring in a harvest for God's Kingdom that will thrust an entire continent into Life and into the Light!

Hennie Hanekom   Today, as your eyes roam these pages, think about it like this:
  • How can they be saved if they don't believe?
  • How can they believe if they don't hear?
  • How can they hear unless someone goes and tells them?
Come and have a look . and stay as long as you like and let us know .

Hennie Hanekom
Regional Director
EHC Anglo Africa

EHC Anglo Africa is a solid Christian ministry of good reputation, who works alongside all evangelical churches in need of leadership training, especially in the field of evangelism.

EHC Anglo Africa has a credible research approach that gathers facts on needs and strategic partners to fulfil needs, before they get involved in projects in Africa.

Next, they format the needs and opportunities as well as an initial strategy to accomplish the task in project form. A capable project leader gets appointed and the work begins with speed and expertise. Thousands of African leaders are trained to be effective in systematic, life changing forms of evangelism and church planting.

The work is monitored and progress reports provided on a monthly basis. This is the work of this wonderful organization that has a vision to reach all of Africa with the Gospel!

Pete Simonis
EHC Anglo Africa : Program and Research