During training, we explain effective and strategic evangelism.

Effective evangelism is defined as the restoration of personal friendship with God that was lost in paradise when Adam and Eve were disobedient to God, their Maker.

Strategic evangelism is to take any given nation, divide it up into smaller, 'manageable' parts that then get evangelised from corner to corner.
Using this approach, the people of EVERY HOME, homestead, or place where people stay, will be reached.

Mass evangelism and evangelism in public places is also encouraged provided a strategy is in place and the public witness is followed up by visiting "every home" with the Gospel.

When people receive enough information to enable them to make an 'informed decision", those who decide to open their hearts to God and accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, are discipled. This discipling is done through a small group called a "Christ Group" or individually, where there are no existing Bible based churches around. Where there are churches, trained members of the churches do the evangelism and see to it that those who become believers have an opportunity to become part of a fellowship or church.