Monitoring is the cornerstone of our operations. We train responsible representatives of the work to send us detailed and accurate reports on a monthly basis.

After these reports are processed by the Regional Office, they are then forwarded to our international office. Much of this information has a worldwide audience. Reports are also compiled after major visits or outreaches in our nations.

Some of the information reflected in our monthly reporting:
  • how many homes were reached with the Gospel
  • how many souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour
  • how many volunteers helped
  • how many Christ Groups were formed (small churches)
Vivid and encouraging reports are compiled from all the resource material gathered and is then published in the format of a communication called "Beyond Acts". This communication is sent on a quarterly basis to supporters worldwide for prayer and praise.

We also specially design bi-monthly reports for those who give and pray. This is a process we refer to as "connecting the hearts of the donor (investor) and recipient."

Other communications from our Regional Office are:-
  • "Manna for Ministry"
    To encourage, uplift and motivate our leaders and workers, as well as worldwide co-workers, partners, supporters, and friends.

  • "Gracevine" (monthly newsletter)
    Our Anglo Africa ministry update.