EHC realizes that the task to evangelise the world was given to the "church", the Body of Christ, all believers. In this mandate to preach the Gospel (Matthew 28), Jesus commands His followers to take the Gospel to every nation (people group), to baptize new believers and teach them to observe all things that Jesus taught.

No single Church or Ministry can accomplish this great task on their own. EHC works alongside churches, helping to train and equip their leaders and workers in effective evangelism. This training is done on request.

EHC identifies various strategic partners i.e. churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals who also have a focus on fulfilling the Great Commission, and then forms alliances with them. EHC (Anglo Africa) serves as a facilitator (bringing together) and monitor.

These strategic partners are givers, prayers, movers and shakers, who trust God and put their faith into action. Together with them, we give God the glory for all that is being achieved. These partners play a life-sustaining role in our operations.