• EHC Anglo Africa trains leaders (those with a vision to spread the Gospel) in effective, systematic, home-to-home evangelism who then work primarily among their own people groups. These leaders then, in turn, train others.

  • Church leaders who receive training consist of pastors, elders, evangelists and youth leaders. The person who 'performs' the best and who is in the best position to lead is appointed as the EHC coordinator of a focus area (focus leader). The coordinator is responsible to ensure that the trainees are equipped and monitored to perform the tasks they have been trained for.

  • He/she (the coordinator) reports to the National Director of the nation, who in turn reports to the Anglo Africa Regional Office on progress, problems (challenges) and opportunities.

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  • EHC training "adds" value to the training that people may already have received. We focus on helping leaders understand the 'way to God' and to live it in a practical way. We also train and equip them to train others to become "fishers of men."

  • The main emphasis in evangelism training is focusing on a personal relationship with Father God and how this is possible by faith through Jesus Christ. We call this the "message". Next, we teach how this message can be taken to people who do not know God and can be explained to them in an easy-to-understand, effective way.

    The yardstick of success is seen in changed, uplifted lives!

  • EHC Anglo Africa underscores the need for systematic, home-to-home evangelism that can be measured and reported on. In this way, we can know where our "teams" have been and where they still need to go. Only through effective monitoring and reporting can this goal be achieved.

  • Coordinators are trained how to communicate frequently and effectively with the Regional Office.