The most strategic tool is the Bible. In God's Word we find effective guidelines for evangelism. The content of the EHC message that is preached and taught is Bible based.

Apart from God's men and women who are filled with God's Spirit to do the job, God wants us to use effective tools to save and disciple.

In addition to the Bible, one of the most strategic tools specifically used in evangelism, is the "Heart of Man" chart (poster size), booklets and tracts (in various sizes).

The Heart Pictures used within EHC Anglo Africa evangelism activities are used by kind permission of the Copyright Publishers of The Heart of Man books and charts, ALL NATIONS GOSPEL PUBLISHERS, Pretoria South Africa. (Reg. No. 1961/001798/08 ISBN 0/908412/62/2) and may not be reproduced without their written permission.

The Heart of Man pictures orginated from a Swiss Missionary, Rev. J R Gschwend, who had these pictures drawn in 1929, in order to assist him in his mission work in Africa.

The "Heart of Man" chart is a visual presentation of the Gospel, showing the spiritual condition of mankind and how a lost soul can be redeemed and restored into fellowship with God. The text in the booklet and tracts explain the pictures and are based on God's New Covenant relationship with mankind in which salvation by grace, through faith, is pivotal.


The following are part of our strategic tools:
  • Life changing Gospel literature
  • Heart of Man chart and booklets (tailor made & designed for our purpose)
  • Follow up material
  • Solar powered tape recorders including audiotapes with a clear Gospel presentation
  • Gospel Bracelet
  • The Jesus Film
  • Bicycles for Pastors and workers, to speed up the proclamation of the Gospel
  • Mini printing press machines to produce in-house printed materials
  • 4 x 4 Powered vehicles to reach otherwise unreachable destinations